Any phono sections with adjustments on fly/front?

Saw a picture of one of the new Rogue phonos in Stereophile (not sure if $800SS or $1800 tube) but you could plainly see that all adjustments were on front panel.I may have multiple tables hooked in or multiple arms arrangements so would want easy font panl access to different loads etc.Please don't mention Manly Steelhead.Cripes her stuff is nice but that is Waaaaaay to much money for me at least.That Rogue looked trick but it's not up on site yet.If it has value for dollar soem of the other Rogue products have it may be a winner!!But wondering if folks know of others,
There is a one comes onto my mind: DACT that is arround ~$150. In this case you'll have to furnish a high quality outboard power supply(15...30VDC) since they havn't designed a dedicated one yet. It doesn't have neither chasis or switches that you will have to furnish yourself the way you want it. Meaning designing a phono-box with selector switch to run more than one TT.
The monolithic ps1. Has dip switches on the back that can be switched on the fly.
The old ARC SP-11 (and probably the 10 too) had loading you could adjust with a knob on the front panel. Probably a little pricey, though, even used.
The Counterpoint SA-9 phono stage had all the loading switches on the front, plus gain and a volume pot, besides that it can accommodate two tonearms at once(one mm and one mc) and it sounds great and can drive almost any low output coil. There was one for sale here not long ago. Good luck!
The ARC SP-14 has limited phono adjustments on the
front panel. It has an excellent phono stage, and
may be worth the $900-1100 it commands in the used
market just for the phono stage alone.
I had the ARC SP-10 for years and yes, it has the resistance loading selector knob...5 positions if I recall. Currently I use the BAT VK-P10 phono stage. This has a series of slider switches and rocker switches for direct vs step-up transformer, high/low gain, resistances and capacitances. Pop off the cover and you can spend all day flipping these switches to find the best combination.

This is a phenomenol phono stage for very very low output cartridges. I use a Koetsu Rosewood Signature which is in the .3mv range and still I am only using the middle range gain settings.
The Counterpoint SA-5000 also has its loading switches on the front...100, 300, 47,000 ohm plus a fourth that allows the user to plug in their own resistors.
The Cadance Phono from Jeff Rowland Design Group also has front panel adjustments for gain and cartridge loading. It is one of the best phonos I have heard in my system.
2nd on the Counterpoint SA9, it has the honor of being the Survivor in my system...eveything else has changed over the years with upgrades except the Sa9. It runs my Cardas heart at .25mv. Comes with a separate 55 lb power supply!
Well I looked the pics and specs at Alta Vista and the SA 9 looked like what subsequent reviews I read stated-maybe the best phono stage ever built.But with a MSRP of $9K and a used range $3-5K well I'd like to build this pre section for a total of $3K.Maybe the 5000 has the flexibility and ease I crave though it's difficult to see photo of control panel from the photos at Alta Vista.I am sure it won't be any Manley Steel head or SA9 but that Rogue looks like it fits the adjustment/price criteria.Maybe I'll come across an SA9 at a tag sale?Hey I heard a guy went to a tag sale in a decent neighborhood in Jersey and the divorcee sold him a loaded TNT with Koetsu for $1500.My guess is if the husband had run the tag sale it wouldn't have been there.Probably nothing in the toy dept. would be there and that's why he wasn't!!!!!!!!
I have an SA-9 that sounds truly wonderful and it will take two separate tonearms although one needs to be a moving magnet or high gain moving coil. It has all the loading adjustments on the front as well as a gain control. I had the gain control bypassed by Mike Elliot because it had a bad effect on sound quality. I am pretty sure that the SA-5000 has pretty much the same configuration.