Digital is far better than vinyl

I have invested a decent sum of money into my digital setup, including a decent streamer (Innuos Zenith MK3), a very good dac (Denafrips Terminator 2), Eno filter, and good cabling. But after being told by many here that vinyl is vastly superior to digital, I thought let’s build an analog system and see what all the fuss is about. So this is what I did ...

I picked up an Audio Technica TT from Amazon for around $299. I then used one of the older integrated amps with a built-in phono, which I believe I paid around $500 a few years ago. And, finally, just to even out the playing field I bought the cheapest possible cables from alibaba. Since I didn’t have extra rack space to put the TT on, I got a couple of bricks and built a DIY platform for it.

So after listening to the analog setup for a few days, I can proclaim without a shadow of doubt that digital is far, far superior than vinyl on any given day, and twice a day on Sunday.

What has been your experience? And please, don’t mention your gear or any special. cartridges, isolation, etc. Not interested in your system details. I just want to make sure you guys understand that digital is far, far superior than vinyl.


All seriousness aside…


I started my analog journey when I left for college with a $99 Lenco TT and Nikko receiver wt Quadraflex speakers in a $199 Pacific Stereo package.

Even with a bargain analog system, the “natural” qualities of analog shines through.

And the SQ, even though not close to a good digital rig, is enjoyable.

And a comparably bargain digital rig will clearly be less “natural” and hard to stomach.


I can fit like 5000 CD's on my portable music player  by Onkyo. I would need a separate room in my home to store that many albums. It is interesting though that vinyl sales are growing and CD's are falling.

The most recent statistics on the sales of vinyl records are quite amazing, taking even many industry analysts by surprise. It turns out that, in the last complete year (2021) around 46% of all permanent music sales were of vinyl records. This reflects a 51% increase over the previous year in unit sales of records, and a 61% increase in US dollars spent.


I have recently found out there is no comparison.

Although both are viable,  Vinyl wins!