digital tuners

I am currently using a Rotel receiver RX-975 as my tuner but am considering upgrading. My system is Rogue 99/88 and Meadowlark Shearwater speakers.

With digital broadcasting on the horizon I'd like to buy a highly sensitive tuner that is in line with the rest of my system and that will be compatible with this digital format. I listen primarily to NPR and local college stations but would like to pick up stations in Boston and NYC if that is possible from Hartford(125 miles from either) I'd like to spend less than $1000. Any suggestions ? Thanks
My advice is to stay with analog especially for fine tuning. I have a Parasound digital tuner, and also a Yamaha analog. I love the analog much more. If I am looking for a station, say 102.5, the best reception may actually be at 102.55 or 102.6. With a digital tuner, you don't have that capability. You will have to stick with 102.5.

I too listen to college stations and NPR among others, and the Yamaha does a great job.
The new digital radio format will not be compatible with over-the-air broadcast radio. It is totally digital like DBS and Dish TV and will require a satellite dish or digital antennae to receive it as well as a digital radio. It is also a pay service like satellite TV. There are also no DJs. It is very similar to the music stations that you can get with digital cable boxes and satellite TV.
To get those stations you desire, you will need a good antenna. It's a tough situation, because of the digital format being thrust upon us. I believe we have quite a few years of analog FM broadcasting yet, but it raises the question, is it worth it to invest heavily into a good antenna. I am sure you would greatly enjoy it, but it something that will not have a resale value, if that is an issue.
I don't know that I could not agree more wth all three of the 1st posters. Get yourself a good analog tuner, digital readout if you wish(Magnum Dynalab being an example), get you the best antenna you can buy, outdoor preferable, for FM broadcast. Digital is going to be a whole nother world where we have a whole lot of good and bad to come, I think it will wind up being very similar to CD's when they 1st came out
I think you can get the technology ( tuners that recieve analog and digital transmissions) you are seeking in England, but New York and Boston stations are not likely there.
I think Unsound is talking about RDS which is a different thing alltogether than digital or satelite radio.
Hi all,
Thanks for your responses. I am assuming that radio stations will soon be broadcasting a digital signal so I would need a tuner that could receive a digital signal which would then be converted by the tuner to be compatable with my traditional preamp. Are my assumptions incorrect ?

One other question is what is RDS please ? Thanks again from a beginner.
You are wrong to assume radio stations will be broadcasting digitally. Digital radio is a pay service that is very much like Direct TV. The charge is 10.00 a month and it is available now. Sony and other companies sell the radios for car and home use. The tuner will work with a regular preamp the same way a CD player will. RDS is a service that some stations have where certain info is displayed on the tuner. You need an RDS compatible tuner.
Can anyone name tuners that are RDS compatible ?

I have seen a Magnum Dynalab FT 101A here on Audiogon that I am considering in the $500 range. I know it's not RDS compatible but should I look to the future and buy something that is RDS compatible instead ?