dire straits -what to buy

i'm trying to decide what "version" of dire straits cds/albums to purchase. any recommendations as far as which album and what cd version to buy? i see that there are newly remastered versions of the different albums at Tower Records. should i simply purchase the "best of" (i.e. "Sultans of Swing" HDCD) that's out on CD. i actually would prefer vinyl but don't see any availability. thanks for your suggestions.

Hey vinyl lovers-there are 60 Dire Straits LP's up for auction on eBay,all with a low opening bid and most with no bids at all! GRAB EM!!
If you can find the Mercury Records French import 1996 "Communique" CD that was remastered by Bob Ludwig with Super Bit Mapping, buy it!
thanks everyone for responding...the guidance provided is exactly what makes forums like this so helpful and useful. very, very cool of everyone who to took the time to post.