dire straits -what to buy

i'm trying to decide what "version" of dire straits cds/albums to purchase. any recommendations as far as which album and what cd version to buy? i see that there are newly remastered versions of the different albums at Tower Records. should i simply purchase the "best of" (i.e. "Sultans of Swing" HDCD) that's out on CD. i actually would prefer vinyl but don't see any availability. thanks for your suggestions.

the best dire straits recordings in my collection are on japanese vinyl, with the exception of "making movies" that is even better on canadian half-speed. if you're patient, you can find most of the japanese pressings on ebay. if you're not planning to purchase their entire dscography on cd, then the "sultans of swimg" is a good "sampler." i'd also recommend "on the night," as well, a very good live recording of mostly later stuff. finally, if you don't already own it, "sailing to philadelphia," mark knopfler's latest, is a must for dire straits fans. -kelly
The remasters are great sounding. I haven't decided which I like better, the SBM remasters, or the HDCD Sultans of swing. I bought a Russian import of On Every Street on the Vertigo label that is the best I've heard yet. It says HDCD on the disc and cover, but my player doesn't recognize it as being encoded.It was mastered by Bob Ludwig though. I'm not sure what the whole stroy is on that.
Yes by all means get the remastered greatest hits album, "Sultans of Swing" one of the best sounding mainstream CDs ever recorded. Also solid selection with no filler, start here.
Your next purchase after SoS, should be "Making Movies", only 7 tracks and 2 are weak, but still contains best material of any DS album.
Add one more to these good suggestions: Mark Knopfler's solo "Golden Heart." HDCD recording with some very strong cuts.
I can't live without Dire Strait's first live album, "Alchemy". I own all of Dire Strait's stuff, Alchemy is a must have. Double CD set, incredible renditions.
Mark Knopfflers' new cd "Sailing to Philadelphia" is very good. It has great guest perfomances by James Taylor and Van Morrison. HDCD.
These are in order of sound quality,and not content on regular cd.Greatest Hits,On Every Street,Sailing To Philidelphia,BrothersIn Arms,Making Movies,Love Over Gold[their masterpeice] Communique,Self Titled.Content Wise would be Love Over Gold,On Every Street,Brothers In Arms,Live,Making Movies,Greates Hits,Communique,Self Titled and Sailing To Philidelphia. All of the remastered cd's are close enough to import versions except Love Over Gold, which is better sounding in import form,and this being what long time fans consider there masterpiece is one to own.
Hey vinyl lovers-there are 60 Dire Straits LP's up for auction on eBay,all with a low opening bid and most with no bids at all! GRAB EM!!
If you can find the Mercury Records French import 1996 "Communique" CD that was remastered by Bob Ludwig with Super Bit Mapping, buy it!
thanks everyone for responding...the guidance provided is exactly what makes forums like this so helpful and useful. very, very cool of everyone who to took the time to post.