Disappointing On Mcintosh......help

 3 Months ago  I went to NYC and stopped by the WOM  and auditioned several MCintosh gear...........and left a bit disappointed or not impressed...then I told myself   " lets give a second shot"  and went today to a  HIFI store and again Good room accoustics10K speakers , MC Preamp , MC Amplifier........ and again  the same disappointment I felt 3 month earlier.

Is that the "warm" sound people reffer to about Mcintosh?  
The sound is ample, base is powerfull  but the the sound is simply  not to clear, the hights are not too "crisp"  It sounds like the treble is set at 3 and needs to be adjusted at 9 or 10.
It seems like  the sound is  coming through a thin layer of paper ...that is the way I describe that sound.  

Then 20 minutes later I auditioned a Parasound A21+ and a JC5 and the sound was more clear and the highs were crispier

Whats your take on my experience?  or That is the MC "warm sound? 

Depending on preferences, room acoustics, cables  and choice of

speakers, McIntosh is well made and easy to like/listen too.  Eventually you may hear the slightest of veils over the sound but it will not be offensive.  If the overall mix of equipment is leaner, then it may go unnoticed.  In total?  Great stuff.  I’ve owned many brands and technologies…for me, Class A Krell sounds best to me.  Many wonderful choices are available today…listen and enjoy 😊 

This thread is the poster child child for applying one’s own filter when digesting audio forum comments, especially empassioned ones. Some posts will ridicule other’s strong preferences and then follow up with absolutist statements of their own...

Not a Mc Fan here either, just never could like them no matter how much i tried too. They do have good resale value which i feel this is a plus bonus point.