Visited the PS Audio main page today. The Directstream Memory Player was not listed under current products. Has the unit been discontinued? Any insight into this would be appreciated. 
Discontinued months ago as the drive unit from OPPO is not available anymore.
jackd. Thank you for that information. Are you aware of a new model to be released to replace the Directstream Memory Player?
Wturkey, the replacement for the DMP has been in a state of flux.  At one point not that long ago Paul McGowan said it would be released very soon.  This model was going to have improved Red-book performance but would not play SACD (too expensive to get the license to send DSD stream unencrypted to PS Audio DAC’s).  Recently, however, the delivery date has slipped to early next year and now there are rumors of SACD playback, but no official confirmation.  There is also talk of a Stellar range (I.e., lower cost) player which almost assuredly will be Red-book only, but no delivery date on that either.  All we can do is wait ...