DIY CAT 5 Project. Need Help!

I'm making a set of CAT 5 speaker cables, does anyone have experience with this DIY project? The recipe calls for 54 twisted pair 24 gauge wire solid core, I have started braiding the wire as described. The proceedure states that you will need to strip approx. 1 inch of insulation from the ends of the wire and then twist the ends (is there a special way to twist the wires without damaging the cable). Also what is your thoughts on the sound quality of these cables compared to other cables? Thanks. Dan Fillion
I used to make my own cables, interconnect, speaker and power cords, and was very proud of them, and they were better than some "name brand" cables I'd previously owned. Then I ran into STEALTH cables, as they are now called, and they are HUGELY better than anything I've ever heard before. (Mt system is all Stereophile Class A.) I STRONGLY recommend that you contact for info on these cables, which are sold Internet direct (and soon may have dealers). They are affordable and compete with anything at two or three times their price. This would leave your DIY project in limbo. I know how you feel: I'm left with a ton of superexpensive Kimber silver. But your 19 awg wire is simply too thick for any serious audio purpose. I could go on, and will if you contact me.
There seems to be some discussion over this DIY. I am not in the position to judge these cables, not having tried them, although I have seem some very intriguing postings at TNT and Soundstage websites. Very recently I came across a hgh end used audio store in Montreal (via an Internet recommendation)that makes the cable that I believe you are describing. What Allain's store has that you and I do not, is a machine to twist the wire. At any rate, the owner, Alain, appears to be a very affable, knowledgeable and helpful man. I am posting his address and phone number below in case he may be of assistance. My guess is that he would be pleased to talk with you. I know that he will "mail order" materials. I have just ordered a Class A Musical Fidelity A1 Integrated amp from him - with a six month warranty for $289 Canadian ($200US). His store also manufacters speakers and a high end amp. Good luck with your cables. david (Alain), LINGOT-AUDIO 4591A PAPINEAU MONTREAL, PQ H2H 1V4 Canada tel (514) 528-1314
Hey, I thought CAT 5 cable is already in twisted pairs? I made some speaker cable from some CAT 5 stuff that had 4 twisted pairs. I took the colored wires from each pair, twisted those ends together for +, and all the white(?) wires for -. Then I gave it to a friend who liked it and I have yet to hear it! The wires were 24 g. This stuff is cheap, buy it by the foot or the reel.