DIY electrostatics--as good as factory?

What options are there for DIY electrostatics and how do they sound? I have only found a couple on the web: musetex, and a new one from audiostatic. Are there more? Has anyone tried to build an electrostatic from scratch? Any help will be truly appreciated!
We all know that we can easily build cone speakers better than any factory so why not electrostatics? I'm just starting on my quest to do so now. A company called david Lucas has parts, kits and plans for them. They are at 924 Hulton St, Oakmont, PA 15139 412 882-1967. Also Roger Sanders at 505 759-3822. Sonic Frontiers DIY parts division has books on the subject I'm too busy now messing with low-powered tube amps 2A3s and high-efficency full range speakers for now but am dying to try my own electrostatics. Speaker Bulider magazine 1997 issue four has an article on how to build one from scratch using hardware store materials. Only the film and step up transformer were specialy purchaced. I can photocopy this and send it to you. It looks like the cheapest way to build one. The frequency response looks as good as one I saw for a Martin Logan! I hope this helps. Regards, Bill
David Lucas has a website at His stuff seems very reasonably priced, but I haven't heard anything about them. I would be very interested in your results if you do decide to purchase.
Hi there, you might want to take a look at the following DIY-ESL pages which will give you plenty of info and instructions.
I just built a pair of Tl/Electrostatics using panels supplied by the ESL Information Exchange: Barry Waldron bends over backwards to help from design to completion. They blow away the ML SL-1 at a fraction of the cost (and much more visually impressive. To see pictures of the completed project I've put some pics on BTW, David Lucas is NOTORIOUS for bad quality and bad service. His advertisements in Speaker Builder are nothing short of Snake Oil tactics, IMHO.
I'm interested in building my own electrostatics. I tried to access the web sites suggested by and couldn't get in. Any other sites out there that have info on DIY ES speakers? Thanks.
Interested in building your own ESL's? You MUST pick up a copy of the "Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design Cookbook" by Roger Sanders. I consider it the "Bible" for ESL's. Next get in contact with Barry Waldron ( as mentioned above). He offers all of the hard to find items that you might need. These guys know what they're doing. I have built several panels now, and the preliminary results are exciting. These will be part of an ESL/TL hybrid I'm currently working on.
DO NOT USE DAVID LUCAS. I know some people personally who have tried his system. He only sells you part of what you need to build a set of speakers. Then you have to buy more from him to complete the project. The cost is high, the build quality is marginal. The customer service is nonexistent. If something craps out on you, you're on your own. David Lucas doesn't return calls, emails, etc. There's more testimony here: This site has info on better diy electrostats than david lucas.
For anyone interested, I have listed factory assembled ESL panels, HV Bias supplies and step-up transformers in AudiogoN. Search by "Amantis Audio ELP-38's". The price for everything is $475.00 plus shipping. However, I do have a firm offer to buy but haven't received payment yet. If the deal falls through I can contact you. Shipping of all cartons will be $75-$100 by UPS 3 day ground, depending on where you live. The Amantis Audio company, unfortunately is now out of business. Over the last 15-20 years, I also have tried building the Sanders/Hermeyer panels and direct drive tube amps. I also agree with others in regard to cautioning potential buyers of the David Lucas products. The following back issues of Speaker Builder: 2/80, 3/80, 4/80 & 4/82 and The Audio Amateur: 3/72, 4/72, 3/73, 4/75, 2/77 & 3/77 are good sources for DIY construction articles.