DIY head amp

Has anyone built any one of the head amps designed by Marshall Leach as found on : ? What do you think about the Common-Base circuit? I'd be using this to boost my Dynavector 17D2 MkII. I'm interested in your thoughts.
Heres the place to go for great informantion on DIY audio stuff. You will find most answers there.
Common base ckt in bipolar transistors has the most linear output and the largest voltage gain. The only downside of the common base circuit that you don't have any current or power amplification which you don't realy need for the cartridge phono preamp.
I just wonder how you're going to assemble the unit (circuit board or point-to-point wireing) and what power supply you're going to use (it's important) or just 9V battery is you think enough?
Point-to-point just as the circuit is layed out including a 9 volt battery. I saw the Markof version on eBay and it used 2 AAA batteries.
Anyone know if you can buy one of these things if you are not a diy kinda guy? Nothing on ebay.