DIY Hifi Django Mini TVC Pre

I just ordered one assembled. Does anyone have, or have experience with, the latest Silk transformer version?
Finally got my Django Mini in today. I hooked it up, and the initial results are very promising. It seems not many have experience with the latest Silk transformer version of the Django, so I’ll post an update after it’s broken in and I get a handle on the sound.

The Django Mini passive TVC (Transformer Volume Control) is certainly not for everyone. It is a minimalist unit, with only a 24 step stereo volume control knob on the front panel. On the rear panel there is one pair of RCA inputs, and one pair of RCA outputs. There is a switch to lift the ground, and a grounding post. The last switch selects between no gain, and 6 dB gain

Internally, it has two transformers (one for each channel), made in Thailand by the well regarded Silk company. They each have 24 volume taps, which are selected by the stereo volume knob. The internal wiring is high purity silver. It comes in a kit form that you can assemble yourself. I chose to pay a little more, and get a fully assembled unit.

I’m not going to get into the advantages & disadvantages of transformer volume control over conventional resistive volume control, as it is better explained elsewhere. Having used a similar unit from Antique Sound Lab for years, I find this type of volume control control superior for my needs, in my system. I decided I wanted to upgrade, and settled on The Django Mini. It offers almost everything I want/need in my single source CD based system, at what I consider a very reasonable price. The only desired feature it lacks, is a polarity switch. However, it can be relatively easily modified to provide one.

After breaking the Django Mini in, I have found it to be a nice improvement over my previous ASL unit, especially in transparency, clarity and musicality. If you are interested in trying a passive TVC, and have a single source system, I would highly recommend looking into the Django Mini from DIY Hifi Supply.

After the initial break in, the Django Mini just seems to be getting better and better in my system. It brings marvelous clarity, transparency, openness and dynamics, along with a relaxed musicality and flow. Lyrics are more discernible, and all the musical lines are easy to follow. Background vocals are more easily discerned, textured and lifelike.