Django question

I've got the passive Django on order, anyone have any experience with this preamp? I'm going from a tube preamp to the Django which is a passive, any thoughts guys?
Hi just built one. Previous preamplifier was a Hovland HP 100.

The passive in my opinion is superior. Dynamically it is still superb for a passive and you are immediately hit when you first hear it of how immediately more correct the music sounds. I have now also bought the silver version of the stevens and billington transformers with remote contol.
i am also interested in the django especially the remote version.where did you buy yours?
i have heard that diy hifi will offer one with remote soon.
Did you order it through SoundOdyssey or direct from DIYHiFiSupply?

As for Audiojoy, sounds more like he has a Bent NOH, or a Django that he's upgraded with parts for the NOH.

I'm not sure the Django comes with the TX102's with the copper wire that Bent used, nor has the silver wired TX102's as an option, so I've been debating getting a Django with just the amorphous transformers and then upgrade it later with parts from Bent, since I want it wired up differently anyway. But at least this way I start to get a feel if passive would play ok for me first.

Or I guess there's waiting for Bent to get their "new NOH" out this fall.

Curious to hear feedback about the unit. I currently run a Meridian 508.20 -> Classe CP-50 -> Classe CA-200, using AQ Lapis X3 balanced interconnects. I think a passive should play into that group of gear fine, although the CP-50 sounded more music, if not as needle threading detailed, as the GFP-750 in passive mode I had before.
hi the django as far as i am aware comes with the silver version. the lead out wires are all silver. I have the silver version of the Bent which is where you get the remote control and the difference in sound with the django is negligible, which leads me to suspect that it is silver. But Bent are not at the present producing anymore although i understand you can get the remote fitted to the django via them.

However it is now becoming apparent from the many threads I have been reading that there is a significant lack of bass drive and focus affecting delineation of instruments.This was a recurrent theme in the threads. So I investigated further, there was an apparent plethora of cheap small garage shop preamps that are building up reputations of astounding performance capabilities around us. I jumped almost blind for the $700 Space tec lab 113 and it did just that.
After having the Djago for a few months now, I can say with all confidence that this is an incredible and incredibly transparent piece of gear. I was worried that I would lose some depth and dimensionality coming from a tube preamp. But I have to say that those areas, along with everything else, has been improved upon tremendously. If you are in the market for a preamp, I can't imagine one any better than this one.