DIY silver speaker cable is great

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Fairly "cheap" too if you go for .999 silver wire.

Improvement to everything except bass is lacking, but I fix it somewhat by doubling the wire to the LF part.
Been there, done that with stacked, teflon-insulated silver foils totaling 8-10 AWG. It sounds great and doesn't suffer any lack of LF.

IME, a final destination speaker cable at $800 cost of goods plus a long afternoon. Factor in an 8-10x COGs multiplier for an equivalent commercial product.

I don't have stacked foils - but very wide silver foil 1.25" by 8 thou' thick, so that's 0.01 sq inches which is about 9 AWG.

I just mummy wrap the individual foils with wide Teflon tape, put them back-to-back, and mummy wrap that with more Teflon tape. No connectors - just a bit of Origami at the ends and cut a notch with a pair of scissors.

99.99% pure silver.

No lack of bass weight here - Lamm ML 2.1 SETs into Coincident Super Eclipses.

I use 99.99 bare wire silver for speaker wires and one power cord and the results are excellent -- at a fraction of the cost of commercial cables.
Sabai, can you share construction details on the silver PC? I've been thinking of doing one for comparison to my DIY PCs of Furutech copper/rhodium plugs and Alpha 3 bulk wire.
If you can, try it without the terminations. No matter how good, there's no termination like no termination
I am using silver speaker wire without terminations. I am using PC wire with terminations. I cannot see getting around this with the latter.
Hello all,
Although I purchased my SC pair from Tempo Electric, they are unterminated extra soft temper solid core pure silver. It just makes sense.