Dk design group ref. mk11 sound failure

Help! I recently upgraded system with, Audiogon used purchases, including already mentioned int. amp and a pair of Von Schweikert VR-4 gen 111 special edition speakers to go along with existing Sony es777 sacd player and rega p-25 turntable. I was in sonic heaven untill...... the left channell intermittently would go dead. I could rectify the problem temporarily by powering amp on and off via stand- by button. However the problem continued only more frequently. Then this morning while listening i noticed the music was very distorted ( fuzzy & unfocused )and finally both channels failed and i was faced with a horrible silence and a contraditory deafening doubt about new purchases.I am not here to disparage either of the individuals i purchased from , quite the contrary, they have been outstanding and very informative but alass the music is still non existant and i miss it. So my question, what could the problem be? I realize it is probably minor and hopefully easilly fixed but i cant troubleshoot the problem. Could it possibly be tubes? I Visually inspected and they seemed fine, seated properly and glowing. As u can scence by my ineptness in describing the problem i know nothing of tubes. The speaker cables and ICs(all audioquest) are fine and problem exists with both turntable and sacd player usage. I have noticed that the Int. amp seems awful hot , however, i have not had it long enuff to know how hot it normally runs. I feel so inadequate( same feeling i had when both exes said bye)but fortunately i have a great support group to help me thru this. Thanks again for any help or suggestions u give in saving this musical marriage.
I have never looked at their website but, I would try to contact someone at DK Designs as soon as possible. I am assuming this happens when you are listening to eihter CD or vinyl?
Your DK should not run hot. Mine can run for hours at high volume, and be luke warm to the touch. It obviously needs to be checked over by a qualified tech.
Why don't you try to contact Larry Staples at the LSA Group as he is the owner of DK.I have the MK-3 and it never gets hot.Best of luck.Bob
Why not Email DK. Im sure they can help you troubleshoot the unit. Good luck!!!!
Have you contacted the manufacturer directly to see what they have to say? I would think they would know best. I've been working two out of warranty issues the past few weeks, one is audio based for a used component I bought used here on Audiogon, the other is something else, but both were resolved today through the individual company's customer support network. Both items are being fixed free of charge. So instead of relying on a bunch of guesses from people who probably know the DK amp about as well as you do or in some cases not that familiar with it at all, give the company a call if you haven't already, you may be surprised.
Thank you all for your quick responses. I called dk design group today and they suggested that i try a tube change which i have (put the stock tubes back in)and that seems to have rectified the channel outage issue. However the music still is muddied and unfocussed on some maybe these tubes are also bad. Seems like long odds to me but maybe i need to order new tubes. so my question is now what kind? I have read many responses on this sight giving kudos to mullard tubes but would welcome suggestions on all options. I also have a linn adikt mm cartridge so i can use the phone section on the dk design integrated but it seems to pale in comparison to the line stage. I have an anthem pre-1 which i used (to take advantage of its superior phono stage)via its tape out into a line input on the dk design. This worked with much improved sound quality however i am now wondering if this in some way may have contributed to the problem. I was wondering what u dk owners who listen to vinyl do. I used to listen to vinyl about 75% of the time and miss the liveness very much. I will keep u posted on future conversations with dk designs. They have so far been very helpful and curteous. Thanks again for all of your help.
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If you decide to try new tubes I have found the Amperex PQ D-getters to work extremely well.Should help clear up that muddy sound you hear.I liked them so much i went for the pinch waiste's which are very three dimensional.The Seimen CCa is very good also being somewhat a tad more rounded for a more romantic sound in my opinion.Good Luck,Bob
WOW, I woke up this morning to the most pleasant of surprises in my incoming e-mail. I had a message from Larry Staples president of LSA Group and he had instructed Shari Grahm a customer service rep at DK Design ( and the person who was so helpful in our converation yesterday)to ship me a complimentary pair of tubes for the amp.What is so wonderful about this is I had not contacted him. He is a fellow audiogoner and read the thread and acted soley on that. " AINT THAT SPECIAL" This is indeed a special place for those of us getting our feet wet in the hobby.The advice and guidance i have gotten thru this forum is priceless and as always appreciated and humbly accepted.
I would recommend to anyone owning a DK VS1 MKII to find a set (matched if you can get them)of NOS 1960s era Amperex/HP(Holland made) 6DJ8s. Wow, what a winning combo. I had a set of Siemens/RCA 6922/ECC88s prior and althogh they sounded great, the 6DJ8s are unbelievable. The soundstage completely opened up and let me truly hear and enjoy what this integrated and my Gallo Reference 3.1 s are capable of. Cheers!!