Do I upgrade my cartridge or my turntable

I just bought a new preamp a rouge rp7 and a pro ject tube box DS3B  phono preamp. I also replaced the phono cable with a fully balanced set with xlr ends. My turn table is a 1989 linn basik with a akito 2 tone arm and a linn adikt cartridge. The old preamp was a linn pretec. The rest of my system is a Bryston 4 B power amp a pair of Dynaudio special forty speakers and a rel S510 sub woofer. My speeker wire is Naim audio solid copper coated with silver.all my interconnect cabels are solid braided silver. Now when I play vynal there is a vast improvement in sound now but I would like to get more seperation and be Abel to hear the different instruments better, when listening to classical and jazz.also get a bit deeper base my highs and mids are  great. When I listen to other styles of music on vynal  I am good with it. Now do I upgrade my cartridge at this point  or do I need to upgrade to a linn lp12 at this point I like linn turntabels .Thank you Michael. 


I would upgrade the cartridge. I do like the advice with having the Linn checked out, new belt etc. IMO, the cartridge plays a bigger, more noticeable role in the overall sound than the actual TT (assuming you don't have a chepo, junk TT). Your Linn is far from being an entry level or junk level TT. 

Just be careful that you’re not trying to hear detail that is not in the recording. 

I'd agree with those that say upgrade your cartridge. Look into SoundSmith cartridges maybe something like The Voice.