Do LSA Speakers Sound Similar to Von Schweikert?

Looking to timbre match my VR4 Jrs and was wondering if the LSA surrounds and center would fit the bill.
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Thanks. I did place an order for the surrounds and canter. I am pretty confident I will be satisfied with the surrounds but I am a little nervous about the center.

I got the LCR Standard. I am currently using a VSA VSX-M on wall and I don't care for it as a center much.

I suppose it's worth a try anyway.
I received my Lsa Center and surrounds and they blend really well with the Von Schweikerts.
Thanks :)
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I own 2 pair of LSA2`s.....wonderful speakers they are. Larry Staples can make a `boombox` sound good. He knows his stuff and the LSA`s are a `statement` to his designs. Yes, they will match with the VS-VR4`s very well. They are warm and musical sounding.

happy listening