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old AR XA with mods vs Rega RP1
Keep the AR and do as Bpoletti suggested go with the better Jelco arm. The Rega is no match for the AR, the deck was designed and modded by of the audio greats George Merrill/Underground Sound and enjoy spinning vinyl.... 
Auditorium A23 Record Mat?
I have a Rega P25 and own both A23 mats. I like both and highly recommend them, no static or VTA issues... 
I'm on StereoTimes...
Hey Larry,Let me know when the article is available. I always enjoyed our conversations at Nicholsons. Good times.Dave 
Does anyone know what song this is?
It's Miles, John Lee Hooker, Roy Rogers, Taj Mahal and others. The tune is Bank Robbery from The Hot Spot soundtrack. 
Inverted balanced interconnects
Cardas and Kimber will provide this service for you. 
Kimber KS-1130 or KS-1126
I agree with Khrys and use the 1126 between the amp and pre while the sources get 1036 & 1136. Speaker cable is the hybrid 3035. Musical bliss. 
FYI -New Connie Smith
She recently performed live at my fav indie store Grimeys Music in Nashville. She's also the residence musician at the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Her new cd is great without the Nashville glam, just hope it comes out on vinyl. 
More wall receptacles or power distributor?
Btw, love your home and decorating. The system installation is amazing. Love the look. Good job. 
It's Sunday afternoon...what wax is on your table?
Bill Evans 'Waltz For Debby' on 45 rpm Analogue Productions served with adult beverages. 
Is power cord upgrade worthwhile on Lenco L75
Keep the stock cord and spend the extra $$ on a worthwhile upgrade or better yet, buy more vinyl. 
More wall receptacles or power distributor?
Add another 20 amp dedicated circuit and plug the amp(s) into the wall. 
Power cords, AC line conditioners---preferences?
Kimber PK10AG Palladian power cords and Sound Applications line conditioner for my system. Musical bliss. 
RIP Frank Gow
Frank was a first class guy and I always enjoyed visiting with him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to everyone at Audio Classics. 
RIP-Bill Pitcock lV
RIP Bill. 
Chose speakers for a Leben 300cxs system