do monitors require a subwoofer?

I always found small speakers less than satisfactory, sounding thin and lacking bass. But in a post-divorce apartment, meaning a smaller room, the bass, or at least the room-reinforced parts, is too much, so I must consider smaller speakers, perhaps monitors. I can't really imagine being satisfied with inadequate bass, never really understood the attraction of using only small stand-mounted monitors. Many instruments just do not sound "right". No opportunity in Houston for in-home demos, have to buy to try. Never heard an eq that didn't veil the sound. So what do you do? Get monitors and a sub with lots of adjustability? Get small floorstanders and count on that reinforcement? thanks in advance for advice.
I am not a big fan of "thump, Thump" noise. I do think a subtle sub :) can make a difference. I'm using 3A De Capo's and don't really feel the need for a sub. With my Triangle Cometes there were times when it might have made a difference.
No, With Totem Mani 2 and Fritzspeakers Carbon 7 you don't
need subwoofer. Plenty of bass.
Monitor requirement is monitor dependent and your taste for bass. If you want a cheap high quality sub, get the James EMB1000, usually for 5-700.00 on the gon. They are small, easy to adjust, and are very fast. Sorry to hear about the divorce, been there, done that, always expensive, but 3 years later, in a good place, vinyl spinning, cd's spinning and there is music in the house and a Brazilian to dance for me hehehehe....jallen
My ProAc D Two's dont need a sub. They're living and breathing in a small room....