Do you ever use the balance on your pre amp?

I haven't had a balance control in ages. Since I moved (1.5years ago) my new crib has posed some major changes. Anyway, I found that the vocals on just about every recording were slightly off center, but enough to bug me. I new it was because of the set-up of my speakers in relation to the side walls. One speaker being near a side wall and one having no side wall. Anyway, my new pre amp has a balance control that I never thought to even look for. I know it's crazy. Anyway, today I'm listening to my tunes and after discovering the balance I centered my vocals. Not only is the centered vocal oh so palpable and visceral, but the entire soundscape. Whattayaknow...Any of you guys relate to my experience. Pre alzheimmers experience, as
The balance is a good thing....

Yes, I've always felt it was very important, as I stated before. I also like a polarity invert switch on my preamps as well.
I never did, until very recently. My room is a bit asymetrical, and a hair off center of the balance control seems to help. I expect to be doing a fairly serious room overhaul in the near future and suspect the balance control will become superfluos once again. I suppose it comes in handy for those with LP rigs.
I too became aware of slightly off center imaging from critically listening to other systems. The solution came with some simple room treatments. First reflections and rear corners defusers helped balance everything nicely. Now the only time I turn the Balance control is for system diagnosis.
If the "only slightly off center image" could be taken care of by a few clicks of the remote, why go for the expense of the room treatments? I would think room treatments have a much more profound affect on many other things other than the center image?
In my case, it's not so much imaging, but volume (sound level) that a hair off center seems to balance. One side of the room is slightly larger (greater volume) than the other. There are other things I want to do with the room, so I'm taking the opportunity to help the sound as well.