budget balanced pre amp, tube or SS?

I now have option of balanced power on amps and wonder if there a budget options on pre amps, something that would work well with Classe power and VMPS speaker that are pretty revealing so any ideas would great, thanks! I am useing Sonic Frontiers SFL1 hybrid pre now, rock and classical music.....Lexicon and Sota/Dynavector sources.
Hey Chad! What Classe power are you using/will you use?
Did you mean to say balanced input or did you mean to
say balanced power?

I'm still enjoying my Classe CP-700 pre very much; it's not
in the budget category however there is a CP-500, CP47.5,
CP60 and CP65 that all over balanced output & input which
you may wish to consider. At this point on Agon there are
ads for the 500, 47.5 and 60 at reasonable prices...
"Budget" means different things to different folks but, if $2000 or so (depending upon custom features such as dual volume controls) is reasonable, a K&K Audio Active Linestage can be built new with Lundahl input, output and power trannies and beautiful Seiden stepped volume control(s). Uses a pair of Soviet military 6N6P tubes that remain dirt cheap, so re-tubing will not hurt at all. Very transparent, dead quiet (the quietest pre I've ever had) and, in my rig, topped sonically only by a much costlier (but not fully balanced) Audio Note. It smokes the top line balanced (c-core) Prometheus TVC in my system.
Someone is selling a PS Audio GCP 200/GCPS here.

I am using the balanced tube outputs of my Raysonic 168 direct to my amps. It sound great, but if you need more inputs it won't work
Jb: Thanks...was not aware of this pre-amp; can you send me some info such as any website with info on the product, any pictures from your setup if you have them, etc...?

Does this pre allow for simultaneously active balanced outputs? I vertically bi-amp and need 2 outputs active.

Try one of the cheap Parasound or Acurus pre-amps. They are really dirt cheap and sound very clean, clear, and involving. I know the Parasound sounds silly good for the money. I just bought several of the Acurus R11 pre-amps based on their "underground" reputation as being giant killers - my ears will shortly tell me.

The Audiohorizons 2.0 and 2.1 pre-amps are sold on Audiogon and sound excellent. Air-Tight makes several fine sounding pre-amps. Both of these units will be in the near 2K to 3K range.

Jospeh Chow at Audiohorizons modified a very nice sounding Air Tight for me, even took the power suply out and built a separate box for it. He took a very nice pre-amp and turned it into a STUNNING performer.

Google: "kandkaudio"

Yes, my preamp has dual balanced outputs for mains/stereo subs.
I've been using a Marsh P2000b for years and find it to be very transparent and revealing but at the same time refined so it doesn't go too far. Thought that might be a good match for your system and I think it's under $1500 new. Here's a review from TAS although it's on the single-ended model, which is the same except lacks balanced connections:


Soundstage and Stereo Times reviewed the balanced version, FYI.

Best of luck.