Do you own especially uncommon gear?

I own a USB cable from Locus Design called the Cynosure v.2. The man who designed this cable, Lee Weiland, tragically passed away rather young. Lee, who was a terrific guy both personally and professionally, didn't have much time to sell a lot of the second version (v.2) of this cable. As the design was proprietary, there really isn't a way for more of them to be built.

Do you own any gear or cables that fit this description? Have you thought about selling any of it because of the potential premium it might generate? Why/under what circumstances is your stuff especially uncommon?
no Premium or fancy, but when a hurricaine knocks out my power (here in Miami) i get out my Panasonic mono-cassette-am/fm radio for news & entertainment. takes 4 D cells. battery life is exceptional- i haven't ever had to change them in the middle of waiting for FPL to turn the lights back on. reception is A+ (with an unusually long antenna) on both bands. plays all my (hundreds of) tapes, plus news about the storm, music, etc. has a built in microphone which makes very good recordings considering. will also record the radio broadcasts, or whatever else you can connect to the input jacks. probably cost $40-$50 new a loonngg time ago. very rugged case, too. i am waiting for it to break but it just keeps working year after (years).