Do you pay seller for packaging supplies?

Do you think it is sellers responsibility to provide safe and sturdy packaging as part of "doing business" or you think it is OK for them to require extra payment for double-boxing?
I don't have much to add except to reiterate:
1. Its all subject to negotiation
2. Basic boxing/packaging should be included
3. You should always insist on paying actual shipping costs, whether its just the "postage" or includes cost of a double box, whatever.

As an aside, if you use a service like Mailboxes, etc. they take responsibility for any damage if they box it up, and they are easier to collect from, in any event.
If you want your item to arrive in one piece, you should pack it like it is going to be dropped from an airplane.

I would only add that if a seller intends to use a third party professional packing and shipping service ( Mailboxes Etc, Pack & Ship ) and expects to pass the cost of that onto the buyer, it should be stated in the original add. This tells the potential buyers that shipping costs will be two to three times higher than normal. As such, the buyer might want to take this into consideration when making an offer.

There is nothing like finding out that the item that you purchased for $75 will cost you $60+ to have shipped to you. I recently ran into this exact situation and was not happy about it to say the least.

As to filing claims with UPS or Fed Ex via Mailboxes Etc or Pack & Ship, good luck. You now have a third party involved and things only get more complicated. I know as i've been there / done that several times. It is not fun being on the receiving end of a damaged package and then getting the run-around from both UPS / Fed Ex and Mailboxes Etc. Remember, whoever ships the package is who the insurance and associated claim forms / checks are issued to. If you ship through Mailboxes Etc, they have to fill out all of the forms, etc... As such, third party shipping should be avoided at all costs unless there is no other reasonable alternative. Sean
Is it a Ying or Yang? Anyway I've gone both ways but just to add to the thread (Rope by now) MAKE SURE the item is wrapped in a plastic bag of some sorts...MOISTURE, always double box with foam rubber or styrafoam between the boxes..ALL SIX SIDES and proportion to the weight of the item is the size difference between inner box and outer box. Stop and look at the packaging of large items you may have (electronic by nature) and that will help you judge. Last...make sure the item you receive (electronic) acclimates to room temperature..maybe a day, to ensure NO CONDENSATION.