Question for sellers-Do you clean item before ship

May sound like a dumb question, but having bought some recent items, they all came very dirty. Nothing is worse for my confidence if something works/if I got ripped off, as unpacking an item to see dirty, handprints, scuffs, etc.

As I rule of thumb, I also clean off an item with a rag, a light solvent when I put up an ad and photo taking, then when it sells, I re-clean before I pack.

Am I in the minority here?
I always clean - indeed detail all items I sell - at least to the extent possible without risking damage, then wrap them in cellophane. I usually do this before I listing.

Alas I'm not in the majority judging from my purchases. I'm appalled by some of the filth I've received when purchasing (especially off ebay).
Indeed the Golden Rule. I want the buyer to have the best experience possible with what he/she purchases from me. I take excellent care of all my equipment and want this reflected in the eyes of purchasers. That's part of the enjoyment of our hobby and is yet another way to keep return on investment high. Plus, it takes very little effort to make a huge difference.
Of course this is a great idea.

What kind of "light solvent" best cleans up used audio equipment?