Do you use a custom Power Cord on a Power Conditioner?

I have an APC H10 Power Conditioner.  It came with a beefy power cable, and I don't have any problems.  But, I am wondering about how a custom PC may help my system.  Since it already has a heavy duty cord, would it be better to put one between the conditioner and the Integrated?  

Maybe this is a better question...  I am using a vintage TT, Manley Chinook, Primaluna HP Integrated, and the APC Power Conditioner.  If you were buying only one new Power Cable to test the PC waters, which one would you start with?
I was very very surprised at the improvement to sound switching the PC on my Class D Merrill Audio Taranis amp from a Cullen Crossover v1 to Shunyata Research Venom HC. I’d always been a little underwhelmed after upgrading PCs from stock to entry level type stuff (e.g., Pangea 9, 14SE, Venom 3/3S). The Venom HC was an eye opener. I got a second one to use on my DAC. The improvement to sound on the DAC (vs Venom 3) was not as great as a on the amp but I’m not unhappy. Looking at what can be spent on power cord upgrades and results for me from the Venom HC, at $175 it is a bargain (that isn't something I say readily about "audiophile" gear).  Music Direct allows 60 day returns. That’s where I got the 2 Venom HC cords.

Be aware you will need a 20amp male >15amp female IEC adapter in order to use the Venom HC on gear with a 15 amp IEC inlet plug. You can spend $ for the Shunyata or Voodoo Audio adapters. You might want to try first an inexpensive generic adapter as from World Cord Sets...see link here:

BTW - I have an APC H-10 but have not experimented with replacing the stock cord on it. Over time, less of my gear is connected to it.  Direct connection to Hubble duplex outlets on dedicated circuits is preferred (especially for amps). 

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I used to keep my best cord on the integrated amp but no longer, I now keep it on PS Audio regenerator/conditioner. Overall it is better, still better cord on the amp wouldn't hurt, though what I have is already quite good. So yes, real good power cord on a conditioner can make a big difference.