does an audiophile quality xlr 'splitter' exist?

Application is fully balanced Sim Audio Attraction HT processor to 5-ch fully balanced Theta Dreadnaught amp. Object is to add another identical Dreadnaught amp and vertically biamp each of the 5 speakers (Totem Mani-2's).

Short of adding a 2-ch preamp in the system that has 2 sets of outs (I have done so in the past, and works great, but only for front left and right channels), does any kind of a splitter exist that will take xlr female and split it into 2 xlr female outs (that obviously I would plug each male xlr end of the interconnect cable into) WITHOUT any sonic degradation?
Most high end wire manufacturers will do custom requests, including splitters. It'll probably cost a lot and take a long time. Some sonic degradation is unavoidable, but you probably won't hear it.
I've seen a Transparent version of what you describe, I think it was several hundred dollars. I don't know if it was special order or not...

Anytime you split a signal the term audiophile quality comes to a streaking halt! There are splitters you can buy at your local music store and most high end dealers may have access to better such devices but without degradation to some degree - No such animal or mineral.
I disagree. I have to use a "Y" connector between my pre-amp "out" and my am "in" in order to use my subwoofer on my Creek 5350SE. I detect no loss in sound quality. Charlie
I'm far from real knowledgable on this, but I'll throw in my 2 cents. Madrigal makes a balanced bridge kit required to bridge Levinson amps. I'm not sure it's what you need, or if it will work, but it may be worth looking into. Runs about $450 a kit, I think. You might want to check into it.
A while ago I looked in to it , for vertical bi-amping, and Straightwire said only way is to custom make 1 pair to two, for double the price of single pair. Danvetc, what kind of XLR Y splitter you are using?
thanks everyone- good thoughts. I even got an e-mail from a dealer- 'Quest For Sound', indicating they have "CARVER PRO xlr y CONNECTORS" and to check out their site- hmmm.....
Sutts, that is the splitter (Carver Pro) that I am using with success. Charlie.