Does anybody use hi-end fuses in BAT ss amp or Einstein preamp?

I would appreciate whether you would share your experience using Hi-end Fuses with BAT amp (like vk-600SE) or Einstein The tube preamp?
BAT vk-600se requires 6 Fuses (4 internal & 2 external).

Hi Michel - I have a pair of BAT VK200 which BAT converted to mono blocks.  I replaced the internal ("rail") fuses with HiFi Tuning Supreme fuses to very good effect.  The external fuse, which I also upgraded did not have nearly as much of an improvement.  One thing to keep in mind - BAT amps use very good caps, so let your amp unplugged overnight before changing the rail fuses - otherwise you might get a REALLY bad shock.
Hello John, I do appreciate your comments and that especial tip regarding overnight show-down period.  I will proceed as you suggested.

I have use the HiFi Tuning Supreme fuses in my Einstein pre & amps since day one so I cannot comment on the difference they make, only on the glorious sound!
Hello My brother has the Einstein and myself have tried all others without question the best fuse out there period, if the new Synergistic research Black fuse it use the space age Graphite, which BTW Nasa uses,as well as all new Super computers 
Exceptional detail and a more organic sonic presentation they are $120-130 each 
But if you buy Sevrral email tech at parts connecxion ask for Chris they may be able to give you a Good deal. They do take 200 hours to fully runjn but even after 50 no question ,the fuses are directional go with writting direction of the signal.
They come with a 30 day money back guarantee . We are not sending them back 
I did my whole system started with digital once I heard  them the whole system 
Even the Subwoofer is Clearly more articulate and defined.I took the Black fuse out and put the Hifi tunjng Supreme  fuse back in  for a hour just to see .
The SR Black fuse without question The Best Tweak out there Period  and a bargain for under $600 my system never sounded this good.
There is some disagreement regarding fuses being directional due to the fact that they can't be (AC…a wonderful thing). Otherwise, caution is recommended when using SR fuses as they can blow if you don't use one rated higher than what the amp designer recommends (I had one do exactly that), and if using one rated higher you may blow up the gear or at least invalidate the warranty. Having thoroughly tested SR fuses in my rig, I can recommend Littlefuse products (now there's a cheap tweak!) as it would seem that "high end" fuses don't actually improve anything except the bank balance in the seller's account. Look up SR's (or any other "magic" fuse manufacturer's) explanations of how these fuses were developed and how and why they work to improve the sound of components beyond the all important Melting if Necessary, and you will find nothing. 
Thanks for your comments,  I ordered some HI-Tuning Fuses and hope to receive them soon.

Regarding HITuning Fuse, Perhaps @jwpstayman would comment regarding his own experience:

1- the pointer of Diode is it a right direction to install the Fuse?
2- How long does it the break-in period for these fuses?

cheers ...