Does anyone have any experience with Bryston amps

I am looking at a Bryston 6BSST2 amp it is a 2006 year model, for around $2,000.00 would this be a good price for this amp?
I see that new these go for around $9,000.00 it is still under warranty until 2026 what are your opinions on this amp, is it worth it or should I let it pass.
If you need a 3 channel amp then you should go for it.. If you don't like the sound then put it back up for sale.. You should be able to get all of your money back.. Where you should go to get a good answer is on Audiocircle website.. There's a dedicated Bryston product forum there.. There should be about 20 people that can answer your question whom have had personal experience with that amp..
Whatever amp I end up with, I will be running Paradigm monitor 11v7 fronts with a Paradigm center 3v7 and my AR308 HO rear surrounds will be run by a Threshold  S500e stereo amp run through a Threshold STASIS-R 3.0 preamp in my front living room/ family TV room.
With them speakers, I think you'll have much better luck with a Parasound Halo 3 channel.. They're more forgiving on top.. Some of them Bryston amps can sound analytical on top and them speakers can too.. Add them together don't seem like a good thing.. I used to have the Paradigm Studio ..
Thanks oem-wheels I will try that website.
I forgot to list that I am also running a Klipsch R-112SW powered subwoofer.
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well you got 2 Bryston owners that says go for it.. I just have experience with Paradigm speakers and their metal dome tweeters.. I had a Krell powering them and when turned up, I didn't enjoy it too much.. I put a Parasound with them and it was better.. Though I think I lost a tad bit of detail, but it was worth it.. I've never owned a Bryston but read what others said about them and how they can sound on top.. from what I read and my experience with Paradigm, that is what my conclusion came up with.. could be wrong, but don't think so.. buy the Bryston and sell it if you don't like it.. I just think he'll have better luck with a Parasound matching with his speakers..
Well people, I picked up an Anthem P2 amp here last night, it should be here in a couple of days I will do a follow up evaluation when I get it all hooked up.
Thanks for the input and suggestions.
Anthem and Bryston are sonic matches for Paradigm speakers.
Happy Listening!
"Anthem and Bryston are sonic matches for Paradigm speakers."

A match made in Canada
All Bryston amps sound cold and sterile to me.

Magnepan demos with Bryston, but they aim marketing at cheapskates.

Magnepan's sound much better with ARC and Pass Labs IMO. 
Another way to say it is that Anthem and Paradigm are made in Canada by sister companies and are probably "voiced" to compliment one another nicely. The amplifier/preamplifier/speaker combinations that yield different "sound" are legion. You are probably going to be very happy with your choice. FWIW I own a five channel Anthem amplifier and I like it a lot.  
Not sure what kind of system don_c55 has to say Bryston is sterile or that Magnepan is using it for demos because they are cheap.  Bryston engineering is very good and their equipment is very well made.

My first go with Bryston was a 4b-st and Maggie MGIII's, it was a great match, best amp I had on those speakers.  I upgraded to 3.7s and a Mc 452 and it was OK but proved to be thin sounding, weak in the base.  I discovered this when I demoed a Sanders Magtech.  Replaced the 3.7s with 20.7s and lived with the Magtech for a while till I tried a Bryston 4b3 which was A LOT better than the Magtech.  They were equal on base & mid-base but the 4b3 was much fuller on the upper mids & highs.  Recently I replaced the 4b3 with a 14b3 and bingo, thats what the 20.7s needed to really push & control them.  

So, if you have a chance, demo a Cubed Bryston, they are amazing and no one can touch the 20 year warranty.  

As for Pass Labs, they do sound good but I don't want the Class A heat not to mention the power consumption of Class A.

The Bryston 4B-ST is still a very good power amp. I have also spent time w/ the 4B-SST power amp w/ an ARC tubed pre-amp, very nice combo.
I have not heard any of the cubed versions.
Happy Listening!