Does anyone know the crossover point of the Harbeth 30.2 XD?

I did a quick Google search and another quick search here on the Audiogon Discussion Forum without any luck.  Thanks in advance.


@ghdprentice Thank you sir!  I used Google's AI and came up empty.  I'll have to give Bard a try. 


@cfa88 Thanks for the reply.

@erik_squires I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a used pair of M30.2s and then replacing the tweeter with the one described in this review: (The bipole version)

And yes, I know it’s an absurd idea to mess with Shaw’s perfectly good speaker. But I can’t help myself. Harbeths of course are famous for their midrange, but there’s nothing super special about their low or high frequencies. So my fantasy is to try to build on that gorgeous midrange with some really good subs, a world-class tweeter, and an external crossover with the best parts I can afford. This is all in the realm of fantasy at this point. I haven’t taken any concrete steps yet. Although I did email the creator of that tweeter, Alain Pratali, and he’s been very generous and encouraging with his responses.

@hiphiphan You won’t offend me and I don’t think you’ll offend Erik by tinkering. Even if it doesn’t work, you will become more learned.

@ghdprentice I like the way bard deescribed how every analog crossover works like it is a distinctly Harbeth attribute. I’d guess they pulled this out of a review or marketing doc somewhere.  (I don't blame bard)