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My new review for The Absolute Sound comparing AGD GAN amps with BHK300’s
Excellent review, for the exact reasons soix states.  
Moving into an apartment with wood joist floors - worried about neighbors hearing
There are two different problems:  1) mechanical vibrations of the speakers being transferred to the floor, and 2) sound waves from the speakers hitting the floor, causing it to vibrate and produce sound.  The first problem can be pretty much solv... 
Borresen Loudspeakers
Thanks for sharing. I'm excited for you. I watched Jay's entire two and a half hour video. Jay has owned many speakers from some of the top brands - Magico, Wilson, Focal, among many others. He said the system at last night's event, featuring the ... 
Does anyone know the crossover point of the Harbeth 30.2 XD?
@erik_squires Thanks for the tips!  I will definitely check those sites out.  I think a dry run with a cheap pair of speakers is an excellent idea.   Jerry, thanks for the words of encouragement.  
Does anyone know the crossover point of the Harbeth 30.2 XD?
@erik_squires I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a used pair of M30.2s and then replacing the tweeter with the one described in this review: https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/aurai-audio-z165/ (The bipole version) And yes, I know it’... 
Does anyone know the crossover point of the Harbeth 30.2 XD?
@ghdprentice Thank you sir!  I used Google's AI and came up empty.  I'll have to give Bard a try.    @cfa88 Thanks for the reply.  
If Conrad Johnson still made a DAC it would sound like??
Linear Tube Audio is coming out with its first DAC in February. It features tubes and will be right around your price point.  https://www.lineartubeaudio.com/products/aero-dac-digital-analog-converter    
The Ferrum Wandla (~$3k) with Ferrum's external, hybrid power supply (~$1.2k) is reportedly better than the T+A 200 and substantially less money -- unless you're playing native DSD files, in which case the T+A is better.  The Weiss DAC 204 ($3.4k... 
Nearfield listening - once more
you can get even the lowest octave in a nearfield set-up:      
Nearfield listening - once more
Optimal height will likely vary a little from speaker to speaker - some tweeters are going to be too harsh in the set-up I've described, so may require slight adjustment in positioning - either with regard to height or toe-in.  
Nearfield listening - once more
Eagledriver, yeah it takes careful positioning through trial and error.  I've had best results with nearfield listening by positioning the speakers a few feet away from any walls (to minimize reflections), about 6 feet apart, sitting only about 1 ... 
Nearfield listening - once more
To echo what Mahgister said, eliminating interaural crosstalk vastly improves soundstage/imaging. This can be done in a near-field setting by situating yourself and the speakers such that your head/face blocks much of the sound from the right spea... 
Help settle a streaming argument!
Those of us who have actually done the experiment, switching from either a computer or low quality streamer to a high quality streamer, have heard an unmistakable improvement in sound quality. Even if we don't have the technical know-how to explai... 
Reliability of Dan D'Agostino equipment
I have no firsthand experience with the brand, so I can't speak from experience. However, there is a YouTuber I follow whose channel is devoted to ultra high-end audio (Wilson, Magico, Gryphon, Boulder, Pass, etc.), and the members-only section of... 
odd question about stand-mount speakers
One of the speakers I'm interested in is the Graham Audio LS8/1 ($10k), designed by Derek Hughes, the son of the engineer who designed some famous BBC speakers. The LS8/1 got a very positive review in TAS (if anyone's interested, the review has a ...