Does anyone know where I can get a Plinius Odean amplifier?

Does anyone know where I can get a Plinius Odean?  I have been looking for a while now and I am hoping that one of you will know where I can purchase one.  I am looking for used/demo.

No hits on Hifishark, so it must be a rare bird.
I would email Plinius dealers to see if they ever get trade ins.
Thanks. I’ve been looking but they are hard to find. 
What would a good alternative be?
The Odeon is extremely hard to find. They rarely come up for sale. Also the US has very very few actual Plinius dealers. 

Contact Vince Galbo. 
He's no longer with Plinius but has maintained lots of Odeons over the years and is a good source to purchase them. He also has an upgrade for them as well.

The Plinius Odeon is a great home theater amp. Lots of peeps feel it's one of the 2 best ever made. 

Good luck! 👍

The BAT VK-6200 which I purchased instead of the Odeon. Not quite as difficult to find as the Odeon and a superb performer on both home theater and 2 channel music. If you read reviews from the pre 2008 recession (which crushed the growing home theater market at the time) you'll find that the BAT and Odeon are at the top of the multi channel amplifier mountain.