Does anyone listen to Military Music?

With Memorial Day just around the corner I was wondering if anyone in the Audiophile Community listens to Military Music. Here I'm defining a genre of music which would include marches, pieces written for great achievements in battle, triumphant entrances, etc. This is a rather broad classification and there may be music associated with the military that I or even very few of us have heard. So, if you have recommendations or an interest in doing some research on the subject, please share your knowledge and opinions on this very rarely discussed subject.
Only on the fourth of July - When I have no choice while watching the fireworks display here in NYC.
FWIW - I was discharged 44 years ago after serving 3 tours in Nam & would rather forget the worst 3 years of my life.
As a combat vet of Korea and Vietnam I'd rather have a root canal,without novacaine.
IMO Miltary Music =Oxymoron

Even worse is watching all the Generals prancing around with medals from neck to waist.
If anyone had actually done all that he'd be dead 10 times over
and/or be long gone from working 24/7 for 50 years non-stop.
I have a great CD called Stand Ye Steady: Songs of Courage And Inspiration by the USMA Cadet Glee Club. I often listen to it on quiet evenings. I really enjoy the Via Dolorosa with Lea Salonga as the guest vocalist.

I can understand the viewpoint of the previous two posters. Thank you for your service gentleman.
Mceljo...I was a part of the USMA Cadet Glee Club when at West Point. That was 45 years ago. Thanks for the recommendation. A trip down memory lane.
The Victory at Sea series on RCA Living Stereo is good stuff. On vinyl of course.
I have a few recordings. A small % of my library.

Nothing more fun than trying to reproduce explosions on your home hifi! 🌝

My favorite is an old Mercury living presence recording that features a recorded documentary of all the details that went into both producing and recording the explosions in as lifelike a manner as possible in addition to the recorded results. A very interesting listen.