Does anyone own the Magico Mini 2?

Anyone here own the Magico Mini II?  I’m looking at a used pair.  I have always wanted one since it came out over a decade ago.  I contacted Magico and they still
have parts for repair should it ever need it.

I was always interested in it as well, but you may find better monitors that have come out since.
I agree...the price of the mini2 from what ive seen there are way better monitors available in todays market new or pass unless the price is a no-brainer 
Not sure how newer stuff can be superior, the build and materials on the mini are out of this world.
My father had a pair of these recently until switching to a larger and newer pair of Magico. I thought these speakers were very impressive. They are massive by the way, so don’t be fooled by the fact they are monitors. For only having a tweeter and a mid/woofer they have a surprisingly full sound and good bass. The tweeter was the truly special part of the speaker for me though. If the budget would have allowed for it I would have purchased them when he sold them but they were too expensive for me.
Had them wonderful sound and build quality.You will love them make sure you have the best cables(copper) and best preamp and amp.!Don't listen to the  negative rap dudes.Enjoy!
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Well tech changed, improved. KEF, Focal etc have come out with reference monitors since.
I appreciate that some people may want to live the dreams they had many years ago, nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, I would agree with few posts here that things have improved with advancement in technology, research and development. The materials used in the manufacture may be different as well, improved with years or research and development. While it may be true that most old speaker or amplifier designs from 10 or 20 years ago can sound very good, improvements or refinement are still possible.

It is also useful to note that there are wear and tear parts or materials in loudspeakers that may show deterioration with age and require replacement in appropriate time. This would be dependent on the parts or materials used to build the speakers. Case in point, the internal foam in my B&W CDM 1SE speakers decayed after 10 years and I got them replaced after bits and pieces of these foam flew out from the front port of the speaker and landed all over on the floor when music was playing.

Having said the above, a caveat. New gear is usually associated with new improved sound in most cases. However, this may not be necessarily true as certain new gear produced by manufacturers may sound less desirable or worse than its predecessor. Perhaps personal preferences may play a part here, I’ve read about some people preferring an older speaker or amplifier and thought that the newer iterations sound considerably worse.

Just go with your heart. It’s useful to note that Magico are still able to service the Mini 2 and provide the parts for it in the event a replacement is required.