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Searching for a little more warmth
Definitely change speakers….Zu speakers are made for a specific purpose. Try Legacy, or a British speaker in budget.  
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
Man, Tekton makes some amazingly ugly speakers. I’m sure they sound good. The commonality seems to be to use an array of small drivers to emulate a single big driver, I guess smaller drivers are faster and more dynamic? Will stop and go faster tha... 
Overkill for small room
Those Dyns are typically demoed with Primaluna integrated, which are a great match. But if you’re new to all this, might be a good idea to keep things simple and stay away from tubes, which can become another rabbit hole. The main issue with most ... 
Overkill for small room
No one in their right mind considers great integrated an oxymoron.   
Big speakers, are they really the best way to get great sound?
Ah, I see what you mean by large. No, I don’t think speakers of that scale are good for in home listening, great at clubs or bars that skew audiophile or large theaters. But indoors I still think largish speakers are better: more efficient, bigger... 
Buying from Japan...Accuphase or Luxman what are the costs ? import duties etc
Better to buy used in the US IMO. Voltages are different, and these are heavy gear, anything could happen. Luxman at least is widely available in the used market. Accuphase, not so much.  
Credenza or media stand for hiding away equipment
Thanks for all responses. Two brands that fit the bill, if anyone is looking are BDI and Salamander (as mentioned). I am currently working with a designer from Etsy to customize one of their credenza designs.  I am OK with leaving it open, obviou... 
Eversolo DMP -A8 Server,Dac, Streamer,Preamp - best bang for the Buck
I believe it’s South Korean, does look a very good value.  
anybody compare Dynaudio Special 40's/Heritage Specials/Confidence 20's?
Main issue with upper range dynaudio is what you mentioned, they sound boxed in at low levels and with less powerful amps.  
Obvious Epiphany
I mean you can always utilize an amplifier with a balance knob.  
KEF Blade or Blade 2
What are the differences between the first gen and the meta versions?  
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
Legacy Audio or Focal.  
Young audiophile metal head looking to level up speaker choice
@amtprod , "Personally what I love about these speakers is that they make me want to listen to ALL music---though they can rock, they aren’t a one trick pony, meaning they don’t fall on their face or are deficient in other areas with different mu... 
Young audiophile metal head looking to level up speaker choice
Legacy Audio Studio HD for your smallish space. They don’t have ports, so easy to place. Big woofer for metal, very easy to drive. And you can trim both bass and treble depending on room size and listening area. 
What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.
@shkong78 , nice what speakers are those?