Does Balanced Power Technologies still exist?

Is Chris Hoff still in business? His web address used to be: That web address gives me a blank screen. Does Chris have a new web address? Anyone know what happened?
I noticed that too. He had a good product, but I would suspect he's out now.

Last I heard of him being at a show was with Steve Nugent of Empirical Audio. I know Underwoodwally used to sell his stuff, so either of those people may have better inside information.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if he is behind the transformer/balanced power cords coming out by Underwoodwally. However, that's strictly a guess.
When you go to, you are redirected to:

I would assume that he may be working on a site update and/or new product announcement.
Dude had a killer product. Pricy, but it was a bargain and a great value. I still own mine after 10 years, and it is still kicking butt.
Technology have caught up, mass market products are now good enough for most people.