Does Kronos Sparta turntable come with a tonearm?

I've seen the Kronos Sparta turntable price at $24k USD, but does this include the tonearm? Are there any other peripheral accessories I need with the turntable (like a power supply) aside from the phono cartridge? I will consider listening to a demo for purchase only if I can get the price with the tonearm at less than 24k USD.


What about looking into a Trans Rotor turntable?  It has the dual platters.

For a $24K turntable, you should not have to purchase a "power supply", and in fact, you don't for the Kronos.

You could look at the Kronos .5 for $16k and upgrade to the full Kronos when your head is ready to spend more.

I think if you look here and at audio mart you will find options for turntables in your price range with your requirements. If I wanted to sell my Transrotor, it would be listed here and other places.