Does MQA still have it's own section in TIDAL?

There used to be a section in TIDAL music streaming called "Masters" which was all the MQA recordings.  It's no longer there (or at least I can't find it), and I don't see any MQAs among the regular albums.  Any ideas?
They are still there
Sometimes you might have an older copy of Tidal on your computer and it opens and won't have MQA.Also are you using the Tidal player or going thru a separate player. Tidal now has almost 5000 MQA files but only under masters show a few hundred of them. You might have to redownload Tidal
Thanks, guys.  I use TIDAL through our Bluesound devices and from my iPhone in my car or away from home.  I may have missed an upgrade and will check and download if there.