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Small footprint.  Big, articulate sound.
I hope Boenicke's speakers weren't designed by whomever did their website.    
What Do You Think Of This?
I'm not being sarcastic, I swear.  But why would someone want a tuner these days? 
Have you ever hated the sound of your system one day, and loved it the next?
I've noticed same things as geoffkait.  Moved here to Phoenix area 8 months ago from Detroit area.  Used to have "good" and "bad" days with my system in Detroit.  Great sounding one night, bad the next day.  Haven't had any changes like that here,... 
Phono cartridge grading
This will be short.  I just completed auditioning all the cartridges on this list (took a few years) and was going to rank them myself.  But co-incidently I agree 100% with grgaudio's list.  So there you have it.By the way, who won the election? 
Does MQA still have it's own section in TIDAL?
Thanks, guys.  I use TIDAL through our Bluesound devices and from my iPhone in my car or away from home.  I may have missed an upgrade and will check and download if there. 
Safe Way To Transport LPs
Thanks, everyone.  All info is just what I needed and I'll just pack tightly in proper boxes and let Bekin take the 6-10 days they say they need.  I didn't even think of how these records got to the stores in the first place!Onhwy61 - are you from... 
Recommendations of good sounding newly pressed LPs
Yes, bradf & foldfreak, thanks so much for the comprehensive lists.  I also put them in my phone and will find them most useful at Encore Records in Ann Arbor. 
Recommendations of good sounding newly pressed LPs
Thanks for the info, Guys.  Looks like I need to spend some time on-line looking for old favorites.  By the way, has anyone heard any of the Blue Note vinyl reissues by Blue Note & Universalmusiccenters? 
Recommendations of good sounding newly pressed LPs
So I'm looking for recommendations of LP record labels, companies who are pressing good sounding reissues.  I'll check out Streamline Records.  I see that Blue Note seems to be releasing a lot of it's catalog on vinyl, wondering how, in general, t... 
What's been playing on your turntable and what turntable is it ?
"Positive Touch" by The Undertones.  "Walton: Piano Concerto" on Nonesuch.A new Rega Planar 3 with Lejonklou Phono pre-amp, bought a week ago and first turntable in over 20 years.  Now I find myself only listening to LPs. 
Vandersteen Quatro CT
It's a good idea to take in your amp. I remember going to Overture years (10-15?) ago and them having Vandersteen. Maybe they stopped for a whileand then started again. Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else! 
Vandersteen Quatro CT
By the way, Karl, Overture has been carrying Vandys for many, many years. They will probably set up the Quatros with the big Sim Audio integrated. If you go there, check out the Blue Sound Audio equipment. I bought the Vault 14 months ago and it's... 
Vandersteen Quatro CT
Overture Audio in Ann Arbor just recently got a pair of Quatros in Zebrawood, a $2,000.00 option. They are gorgeous; works of art in that finish. My wife was with me that day and thought the same thing. I found her later that night standing in the... 
Tyler Acoustics Decade D3M review
I called Ty about a year ago while considering purchase of new speakers. He did say that the new line is more on the "detailed, transparent" side of things than the previous lines. He was very honest saying the new "sound" of tyler was "open, deta... 
Salk Speakers - Opinions & Advice?
I remember now the big Tylers did have amps on the woofers as Ty was turning them up and down to show what the speakers could do. I think he finally left the amps set a bit too high - too much bass.I, too, was taken by the little white Dyn x12s. V...