Does Rotel RCD 1072 Sound Better than RCC 1055

I received an email from a Rotel Rep who told me that the RCD 1072 had a larger power stage and higher quality components over the RCC 1055 as do most single players over multi-disk carousals. Has anyone actually compared and noticed much difference in the sound?
I am going to answer my own question. I just purchased a used Rotel RCC-1055 and compared it to my relatively new but broken in RCD-1072. I put in two identical CDs and connected one player to CD on my Rotel Receiver and the other to Video one, then sat back on the couch with only an approved half glass of wine siped slowly and attentively switched between the two CD players with my remote.

The answer is (drumroll please) - zero minus epsilon. In other words, I could not tell any difference at all no matter how hard I tried. Granted, the single player tray zips out with authority and the 5 tray lumbers. But I can have fun with my random play and program my disks with the RCC 1055. A little plus for fun factor with the 1055 and a little plus for longer term reliability probably with the tray mechanism of the 1072 and approval of purists for the RCD-1072 but the perceptable audible difference is non-existant to this untrained but critical ear. I turned the bass down and compared the highs - same. I turned the treble down, bass up and compare the lows - same. I simply sat and listened looking for any difference in perceptable engagement or feel - same.

So, in a nutshell, to all but the most trained ear perhaps there is no difference in sound from the Rotel RCD-1072 compared to the Rotel RCD-1055 multi disk player. Someone in an earlier post said 60% can tell a difference. 50% would have been the case on the average regardless and was it truly a blind test?

In summary, there is little if any difference by my untrained yet discerning ears, and hence for most more than likely. Only the most critical audiophile ear will be able to perceive a difference between the sound from the Rotel RCD-1072 and RCC-1055 if there is indeed one.

Now - the rest of the wine and music awaits. - Finis -
Do you have 1 of the RDV models?, I would love to know the difference between the 1055 and perhaps the RDV1060 with CD playback.
My same resullts when demoing at the dealer using Classe amp & pre and Straightwire crescendo ICs. I chose the 1055 for the same reason - random playing of the 5 discs and programability.