Does this device exist?

I’m looking for a convenient way to get the music from my CDs (a couple thousand) into digital form. In my mind’s eye, I see a one-box device – I pop in a CD, it quickly and accurately rips the disc, with the option of choosing various formats, compressed or high-quality lossless. It stores the resulting files on an internal hard drive, or it allows storage on external drives, and easy external backup, too. It has a navigation interface as familiar and easy to use as iTunes (heck, it can be iTunes). It has a good digital output (preferably AES/EBU, but if that’s not available, then SPDIF or USB), so that I can use the DAC I already own. It is completely quiet during music playback – no fan noise, no strange mechanical or digital noises. It’s simple to use. It doesn’t result in a mess of wires and boxes all over the place. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It just has to provide copious storage and a clean, audiophile-quality output to the DAC – and just for a single system, no whole-house server needed.

Any nominations? Thanks.
without claiming to be any kind of computer audio whiz, here's my take on what you're asking:

you need a laptop (or mac mini or some other computer...), loaded with software (e.g. pure music) that piggybacks on (for example) your itunes, and a quiet external HD. you'll have to set preferences, like what format to rip to, automatic backup onto a second HD (if you want to be safe), etc.

the single box idea has problems: 1. HD failure results in loss of all your files. 2. you may get better sound if you use the laptop/computer for the playback software and the HD for storage, thus avoiding having the computer getting 'fought over' by two different actions: file retrieval and file playing. you could conceivably skip the second HD, using the computer's HD (if it's big enough - you'll need about 1.5 terabytes for 2K uncompressed CDs) for file storage and the external HD as backup - but some people say you'll sacrifice sound quality.

there are lots of resources on the web like computer audio tutorials and discussion forums. it's a fast-evolving area, with no agreed-upon standards in place yet (e.g. USB, firewire, ethernet - which is 'best' between your HD and your DAC?)

what you want won't cost an arm and a leg (storage is cheap now!) but it won't come in one box.
the Vortexbox has a fan, but its quiet. i've used one for about a year, it does everything on your list. the one caveat for me is the backup function via usb to external hd is slow, but it is incremental.
I use my IMac for the same purpose.
AND it connects wirelessly to my stereo thru and AirPort Express, though if I were doing it today, I'd use an Apple TV.
Then, from the AE to a nice DAC and use an Ipod Touch as the remote.

What could be easier?

Back up to an external HD or online and there 'ya go.