No connectivity to Micro Rendu device

I have new iMac with a cable moden connecting via ethernet cable to the MR to my Aqua LaVoce DAC.  I use Audirvana and it sees the MR but does not see the DAC.     I have spent hours and hours DXing the problem and have failed.  Neither Sonicorbiter nor Audirvana have been of any assistance.   The MR is a vital addition to my system -- when it functions, which is very rare.  Can anybody help me out? Thanks.   


Hmmm .. seems to me Audirvana shouldn't need to see your DAC, only the mRendu. Does the mRendu see your DAC?

BTW, you might want to check out some threads on Audiophile Style. IIRC there was some discussion about this very topic. A more common (and easier) scenario would be ethernet direct to Rendu and select MPD / DLNA via the Audio App Switcher. Use WiFi on the Mac instead of ethernet. Select mRendu in Audirvana. 

My MR is directly connected to the MR device via an ethernet cable, streaming from my new iMac, OS v.10.17.5.   I select the MDP/DLNA renderer and am unclear as to the alternative connectivity you suggest using wifi... Can you explain further.  Thanks a million. 



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@tvad +1 Andrew did remote control, immediately responded to numerous email follow ups promptly, and after Roon staff took weeks on their part of the issue, they finally found a Roon Forum post that properly explained the steps in Roon that needed to be taken. Guess who wrote that post.....slow.....reveal......Andrew at Small Green Computer. Cheers,


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I use Roon and have the same scenario.  Roon sees the microrendu (same with Ultrarendu),but not the DAC connected to it via usb.  Been that way for years.