Domain Trades for High end Audio Gear

So a random idea of mine came up, but would need to be for the RIGHT tech minded buyer, what can I trade ’adult" domain names for fair value upgrade wise


In the Age of bitcoin and NFT, I have to ask. Whats Viable and fair for both sides.... Could I Track down that Pair of XA References I want and Xfer a domain name as a trade ?? 4 domains to get something super high end ?? Snell XA reference, XA Or beyond that



Seeing as domains are relatively cheap to obtain, and high end audio is not, it seems like you're investing in a strange area.

I'd guess that Snell XA references would still cost $12-15,000 on the used market, that's 240 -300 domains at a generous $50 each. Who wants to maintain that many web sites? 😁

Oh i know its strange ground selling xxx and .sex domain names, they are pointed at a domain broker, in short i am playing the upgrade lottery!