Doors Live at Hollywood Bowl - 2012 Rhino 180g 2LP

Just received this 2LP reissue from Amazon. I wondered if anyone else purchased it and what your initial thoughts are regarding recording quality and music content. My version is manufactured by Rhino but I hear Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs also manufactures it. In my opinion, the recording quality is really good. However, the gatefold album sleeve arrived with the glue unstuck on both sides. Not a big problem - just use a glue stick. But, when you pay upwards of $40, you expect better quality control. As to content, I was expecting great things since I genuinely enjoy The Doors. Aside from the fact that Jim Morrison dropped acid at the outset of the gig, I thought the performance went reasonably well. It got a little weird in a couple of spots but the rest of the band filled the gaps nicely and kept things moving along. In the end, I expected great things from this performance; instead, I received something slightly above average. Maybe it's a circumstance of having to play the LPs several times over to really appreciate the message presented. What are your thoughts on the topic? Let me know.
I am a huge doors fan, but haven't really connected with either live albums I have. They are Live in NY(Felt Forum) and Absolutely Live. I will have to give Felt Forum another listen, but it didn't strike me as anything special.
I listen to The Doors alot, but keep coming back to their studio albums. Particularly S/T, Strange Days, M. Hotel, and LA Woman. I think when Forest Gump talked about a box of chocolates, perhaps that could hold true for live Doors.
Some nights The Doors were in fire, other nights not at all.
Totally hit-and-miss and it all revolved around Mr. Morrison.
I don't have that Rhino, but everything that the Doors could do well live is in the grooves of Live at the Aquarius Theatre The First Performance July 29, 1969.
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garebare,  - jafant ( my take only ) is a polite troll. Dealers Nightmare.
Probably a nice guy; but enough already.

 I was (13yr old) when the Doors played at the "Kinetic PlayGround" ; Was too young to attend. They were the Hot band; all the rage, "In the day" among my other peers/classmates. ( 65yr now)

Yes, jafant seems to be on a lot of threads. Look at his system " Alabama Gateway " Pair of Thiels that he smiles at!  Only imagines that he is listening to. While he thumbs through the "Music Dirct" catalog.
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Buy some equipment so that you can actually try some cables w/ your (Reference Thiels? ) In your Room.

Use Your Ears! - Will not put a Reference System together based on others opinions. Especially Cables!

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