Dragonfly 1.2 Feedback/Impressions ?

I'm beginning to play with computer based audio, looking for some feedback from others that might be using my DAC. I'm running a Macbook Pro with Audirvana, the Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2, Infinity Creshendo 3006 speakers, powered by a Fisher X100B amp.

I really like the Dragonfly with headphone listening. It's open, warm, and detailed. I tried running it into my Citation I/MC275/Bozak B302 main system and didn't seem too terribly impressed - my Rotel 1072 seemed much richer.

I am using 24/96 files from HD Tracks and ripped CD's. The quality of the recording seems to be much more important than the same resolution and sample rate so far. I have some 16 bit tracks that sound wonderful and frankly some of the 24/96 stuff from HD Tracks just doesn't measure up.

Is anyone running the Dragonfly in a mid sized or full sized system with impressive results, or is it just too much to ask for this device? 3.5mm to RCA cable recommendations? Other tips appreciated - I'm totally new to computer audio. I travel for work, and am completely sold on it's benefits and performance in that application. If I have to spend more $$$ I'm seriously considering the Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog unit based on everything I've read.
If you can take the size, I really recommend the AMR-designed iFiAudio iDAC. I tried a couple of small sized USB-powered USB DACs like the DragonFly (<1.2), the iDAC and the Meridian Explorer. The iDAC is really the one to beat in my books.

It also comes with RCA outputs.
iFi also has the recently released iDSD, again if you are OK with a larger sized DAC. Its list price is $189. Not sure about the iDAC, but the iDSD can even be used with an iPhone or certain Android phones with the proper adaptor.

But IIRC, the Dragonfly has the advantage of not needing a special driver for Windows/Linux, and it is soooo small. I need to get around to hearing the 1.2, seems to be getting very nice reviews that place it ahead of the 1.0 version (which itself got raves).
I've heard many of the plug in DACs. I like the Meridian ones best for the usb plugin types, however for just a bit more I got the Music Hall 25.3 DAC and it blows away the competition. I run it in balanced mode and not the tubed rca mode, however most rave about the tubed mode too. It's at that price point that is a spec more than the plug in DACS, but it's so much better. I have a fairly high end system (Ayre integrated and Proac Super towers with MIT MH770 speaker cable and AQ Niagara XLR from DAC to Ayre) and you can tell how good this DAC is. I replaced my Krell Stealth with it as it's warmer and more neutral and that's what I wanted (Krell is for sale ;)). The Shitt Dacs to me have been sterile and not as musical when I heard them in person. Just my ears though. I got a head ache from listening to it, but others swear by it. I wonder how many of those people have really listened to it or just read reviews. There seem to be a lot of good choices out there, but so many DACS test well, but most still aren't musical and that includes many of the 2k DACS also. I wasn't going to spend over 5 bills or so for a DAC when it's about to change to DSD audio I'm thinking. See what differences you hear in the Dragonfly vs the Meridian. If you feel the Meridian blows away the Dragonfly in ease and musicality, then your ear is probably similar to mine. Not sure if your computer based audio needs to be portable or not so that's why I mentioned the MH DAC.
Good additional recommendations; whatever I get I'd like it to improve my main system too, so it has to best my Rotel 1072.
If you don't mind a full case, I have a Krell Stealth (one bit) that sounds awesome still, especially in the base, that I'm about to list. email if interested. Thanks.
I recently tried the Dragonfly DAC on my laptop connected to a pair of KRK 5 monitor speakers. It sounded nice, but I couldn't detect any sound quality difference compared to the regular laptop's audio jack.

I was using windows media player, so probably I was not by-passing the Windows kmix. Nevertheless, I should have heard a difference...I didn't.
I was in a store and heard the Dragonfly vs the Meridan and was blown away by the difference, but that was me. The person who came in to by the Dragonfly walked out with the Meridian as it was his favorite by far.

In rereading your post, you asked if the Dragonfly is good enough for a full system, I would say probably not. I recently heard my Krell Stealth vs the Dragonfly and it wasn't even close. granted I'm selling the Krell for around 475 or so, so it's a lot more than the AQ, but it wasn't even in the same ball park. Bass especially was so lacking in the Dragonfly as was any sense of soundstaging or imaging. It all sounded congested and collapsed with the Dragonfly. It's great for what it is,but it's nothing more than a portable device to my ears.
I agree with Ctsonner, I have the Dragonfly and use it as a portable with the laptop and that is it. In my main system, I use a Arcam rDac that I have been happy with for an entry level DAC. The Dragonfly doesn't really compare to it. I think you can get them marked down now on some sites, it has sounded good for me. I run it through a Manley Shrimp and a McIntosh 2105 with Focal Profiles and use Amarra.