Drive Bel Canto, Marsh amp with OPPO 970?

What would be the probable effect of using the OPPO 970 volume control to drive the Bel Canto, Marsh or PS Audio amps?(Not integrateds).
How can this be accomplished in conjunction with my TV ?
Thanks to all who respond.
Does the OPPO have a variable line out? I'm using the variable out form a Linn Genki into a Bel Canto S-300. It works fine. If the OPPO has a variable out it should be fine also. The Bel Canto is a superb amp.
As I responded over at AudioAsylum, you can run your Oppo front or mixed outputs directly into any of the amps you mentioned (two-channel only). You're not, however, going to be able to integrate your TV into this scenario without a preamp of some kind.
Yes the all the Oppo's have variable out and it sounds darn good. You can send picture to your TV from your Oppo and a variable sound signal to your amp for volume control for CD, SACD, DVD, movies.

What you can't do is send a signal from your TV to your amp w/o at least a passive preamp (or audio switcher if your TV has variable output)
Try this for two channel stereo, connect one channel into the Oppo front output and the other into the Oppo mixed output. The Oppo speaker configuration setup is for only front speakers. Significant audio improvements.
I tried two outputs to see if the Oppo can handle it. The Oppo can't handle it.
The sound quality and volume suffer significantly if you use the stereo out and the L+R out simultaniously. You have to use one or the other only.