Drivers from Voxativ &

Does anyone have any experience with this brand?
I've noticed a very high quality but I don't have any clue about the sonics or compatibility (Qts 0.50 of their AC-3B, while the DX4 has Qts 0.25). I have the Carfrae LBH (clone) and I have flush mounted the old PM 6A with the square frames.
Due to the fact that one of them has the copper coil and the other has the silver, they are not matched as a pair. So, I have to replace them -instead of ordering new cones with matched coils,- (cause all of their beauty is in their old paper and exept the fact that are very balanced, they really don't have enough treble).
In the past I used to have an active preamp with separate L-R volumes but I certainly prefer a passive attenuator and the PM 6A with the copper coil seems to play low enough to disturb the image.
My rest stuff is: Symphonic Line RG 6 turntable (for sale), Pluto 9A prestige arm, Vdh Colibri XPP cart., Esoteric ( by Panos Karounos) SE 300B, Rotel RHT-10 tuner.
This is my first post here, please advice.