DSD DAC's - Any recommendations?

Hi All,

Looking out for a new DAC to support DSD,DXD preferably DSD64 - DSD256 before I give my current (long serving) DAC to a friend.

Just wondering if anyone has one current that could possibly share their opinions or know if there are any out there without going too expensive.

Just seen the ifi iDSD Nano, http://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/nano-idsd/

Has anyone tried this before? Considering buying one. I also see they have a new iDSD with Octa-speed

I also like the Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC. Please see:
I have been using an Auralic Vega for about 3 months thus far with outstanding results. DSD sounds incredible and PCM is superlative as well. Also, has a Femto clock FWIW.
Time to ventilate ... let's see now ... someone who looks to be relatively new to the Agon forums seeks suggestions of DSD DACs that are "current" yet "without going too expensive," and he specifically mentions two possibilities in the $200 to $500 range. Subsequent replies suggest two DSD DACs in the $3000+ range which doesn't strike me as being particularly responsive to the original post. I see this sort of thing on these forums quite often, and (with all due respect and apologies to Zd, Hg, and Andy who I'm quite certain mean no harm) it really bugs me. There I said it ... I feel better now (even though my own response here has also failed to respond to the original post!!!)

I have some info for you that I'm hoping will calm you down a bit. If you'll notice, the DAC's that the OP talks about are not in the OP, but in the OP's 2nd post. Due to Audiogon's extremely slow post time, my post was made before the OP's 2nd post became visible. So without the DAC's mentioned the 2nd post to use as a reference, I recommended the Ayre. And while not cheap, many consider it to be a good deal for the price it sells at.
Zd, I do appreciate the clarification. I had not thought of the timing issue. I stand corrected.
Hey guys,

Thanks for the recommendations! I've made up my mind, I'm going to invest in a iDSD Nano and see how that goes. Should be here shortly will let you know how I get on :-)

Thanks again guys!
Hello Gz,
I apologize for recommending something above price range. I am not familiar with the DACs he mentioned and was not aware of their price nor what the OP considers too expensive as it was not stated. Even with those DACs as a frame of reference, there is not a mention what price he feels is too expensive. I myself have tried less expensive pieces first before buying something what my budget could fully afford. When the Ayre was mentioned the poster did not address it as being "too expensive". If he had, I would not have posted. The Vega is in that same price range and purchased mine after owning the NAD M51 and trying out several others that were several thousand dollars more and feel like it offers a good value.

Good luck with the iDSD! Can't wait to hear your impressions.