DSD for PC

Hi folks, couldn't find any DSD software and wonder if any of you know if there's any around
JRiver handles it beautifully. I use it with windows 8 laptop, into my Playback Design P5sd dac. Best sound I've gotten from my rig, the 2xDSD up conversion is areal digital game changer for me. Love my PD dac too
i use mytek 192 and i like it in PCM and as a line stage analogue preamp too. the sonic masterpiece that performs way higher than priced.
Hi Marakanetz,

Are you looking for a PCM2DSD converting solutions? If yes, there is one currently available that works beautifully with both Foobar and JRiver.

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Alex Peychev
I'm actually looking more for the playback of original ripped sources rather than converting solutions.
So you have a PS3 setup capable of rippig SACDs? If so, that is great! But since you like DSD and have a DSD capable DAC, it may be worth it trying converting your CDs (and lossless files) to DSD. Not that your DAC does not convert PCM to something similar to DSD, but I personally feel that you may be happy converting PCM to DSD and play it this way.

Latest builds of JRiver MC18 feature a quite nice sounding PCM to DSD converter, and there is also a very good converter on-the-fly that works with Foobar and JRiver too. Check out this link for the PCM2DSD Converter

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Alex Peychev
Thanks Alex,
What would I benefit if I convert originally WAV source or any PCM to DSD?
Please share
"What would I benefit if I convert originally WAV source or any PCM to DSD? "

The volume taken by DSD file is about 60% of that of hi-rez (e.g. 24/192) PCM file. The sonic advantage will depends greatly on your DAC. Some ultra expensive DAC's like made by dcS convert DSD file into PCM and nobody complain yet etc but we will see; Our (Musica Pristina) server will be shown this year at Newport Audio Show with dcS DAC (in Lotus Group Room - #132) and I wonder what audiophiles will say about the sound.

Since our library of knowledge on the subject is so, so small and anectodal, with mostly "apple to oranges" type of comparison, not to mention that results are purely subjective - I also would love to hear Alex and others OBSERVATIONS (as oppose to opinions)on the subject


You're welcome, Marakanetz!

What would I benefit if I convert originally WAV source or any PCM to DSD? Please share

The benefit would be that, by converting PCM to DSD in the PC, you will eliminate the PCM part of your DAC. Bypassing the I2S PCM interface, Digital Filters, etc. may result in better overall audio quality. But then again, it really depends on how the DSD is processed by your DAC. Most of the DACs process the DSD through the DSM (just like it is done with PCM), so you don't get a "pure DSD processing" anyway.

Bottom line, try converting to DSD on-the-fly with the ASIOProxyInstall and see what happens. I personally prefer the "SDM Type C" setting and DSD128 mode.
Also, try the JRiver MC18 PCM-to-DSD converter as well. It is also very good, but I am waiting for their PCM-to-DSD real-time converter that they will introduce as an option sometimes in the future.

Last but not least, I'd highly recommend JPLAY 5.1 and Windows 8 (64 bit).

Good luck!
Alex Peychev
Hi Simon,

I also would love to hear Alex and others OBSERVATIONS (as oppose to opinions)on the subject

My latest observations on the subject resulted in designing my own PCM to DSD converter as well as a DSD only DAC that is based on a discrete analog FIR filter, so there is no additional processing - what you have on the DSD stream is unaltered, just "simply" low-pass filtered. To my ears, the resulting sound quality is quite an advancement compared to any other digital audio product I've designed and built to date. Now I can record my vinyl to DSD and never worry about wearing my Dynavector XV-1s cart or my LPs every time I spin them. :-)

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Alex Peychev
Hi Alex,

I take your words to "bank" so much B.S. is floating in this ocean.

Now, I think I have to do something for my own system ( you may be familiar with my DAC, forgot who designed it but I LUV it!!!!!!). May be not now, now but ..soon enough. So expect a phone call with my weakened voice on other end.

Thank you and All The Best !!!

Mine is Mytek 192 DAC/preamp/headphone

As far as I understand it, the ESS Sabre DAC inside your Mytek processes DSD through its Delta Sigma Modulator (DSM), just like it does with PCM, in order to achieve lower noise floor/less distortions. This is a common technique for processing DSD, except for few DAC chips that send DSD directly to an analog FIR filter, or directly to the Switched Capacitor Filter, in which case there is no additional processing of the DSD stream.

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Alex Peychev