DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 in a 2.2 system

Ok, instead of adding sound panels to my living room, which I’d prefer not to do, the availability of an Anti Mode at a decent price got me thinking about the alternative of digital processing. The core of my audio system is a modified Oppo 203 to a Directstream dac (coax, I2S) to a pair of ATC SCM 19A active speakers (TV in the middle). I also have a pair of active JL Audio e110 active subs waiting to be set up, making it 2.2. The processor would then go between dac and subs and treat the two speakers per side in combination as a stereo system. My condo’s listening set up is a bit odd shaped, with a long living room-dining room and the listening seat on the end of a sofa down the left side wall of the living room (speakers accordingly angled, about 8’ away). On the right is a wide open area with a recessed unused bricked fire place and the entryway and stairs up. A few feet behind the central component shelf unit and TV on top is a closed area with a large window covered by blinds. Carpet is medium shag and speakers have SVS feet.

My question is, aside from the common concern about adding a component between dac and speakers, what problems or limitations might I face using the Anti-Mode in this set up? ICs are/will be MG Audio Design AG2S2 RCAs and XLRs, with adapters at the subs’ outputs. Thanks,

Not much more than that really. You can adjust up to 250hz without any major issue. Its a nice piece of gear, but a bummer if you have a high end Dac, as it negates the purpose, as the weakest link is the chain now becomes the AM Dac. While the better the Dac, the better the AM performs, it just seems like a shame.

The 2.2 setup you describe takes away most of the negatives I mention above.

I have one for sale at $500 myself.


Thanks. I hadn't considered that the AM's dac takes over, rather than just doing some sort of separate processing. So was that your experience too, i.e., some degree of sound degradation?
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