LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers

I just read the 6 moons review of the LessLoss firewall for Loudspeakers, interested if anyone has tried it yet and what is your opinion. 

I just ordered them. should arrived next week. I'll let you know my impressions. 
Great, I will be really interested. The review made them seem like a an easy speaker upgrade without hassle of changing speakers.
I’ve been using these since mid-December.  The 6 moons review is spot on.  The only way these will leave my system is if LessLoss comes out with an improved version or I purchase speakers in the future that already have them built in.
@mrpaul are you using them on bookshelves or floorstanders? If on floorstanders is there a risk that you can short the cables?
The speaker terminals on my floorstanders are low so the Firewall will be resting on the floor.
I have floorstanders. I don’t see any issues with accidental contact that would short the signal.
I have been demoing a pair for each speaker for 10 days. They are really great. Will be buying them when the demo period is over. Also will be buying a pair of their C-MARC rca interconnects.great products.As for having them on the floor I am using a pair of the Command hangers that i have taped to the back of my speakers that keep both the speaker cables and the Firewalls off the floor..Easily removeable if needed.
Over the past 2.5 years I have gone all in on the C-MARC technology. That includes power cords, interconnects, speaker cables, Firewall 64Xs and Firewall for loudspeakers.  Each addition has resulted in a noticeable improvement to my system, specifically resulting in a blacker background that allows more musical information to come through. The sound of my system has been totally transformed by these additions.
I read the Six Moons review. It is very hard to understand the sonic improvements by their writing style.

mrpaul, and calloway, joeybear63, Your opinions are appreciated can you add more?

ozzy4...i have not added a 'tweak' that has improved my system as much as this has. Better soundstage depth...width and detail enhancement. Soloists are just more present with much better  vocal articulations. You're going to hear a much better separation of instruments and you'll be able to place them within the soundstage better...For the price, i don't think you can beat it..

In my system the typical audiophile improvements were there, improved soundstage width and depth, increased resolution, etc. etc. What struck me most though was how my system became more musical and less mechanical, even though it never sounded mechanical to me before adding the firewalls.  The best words for me to describe the music is that it is now more fluid, elastic and even sensual.  I would also add addicting.  I do not sense a loss of dynamics. I do find my system unpleasant to listen to when they are removed.
@mrpaul  @calloway 

Thanks for providing the feedback, they are the improvements that I value the most.

Looks like I have to order them!
I have ordered them, should be arriving on Tuesday, reading the reviews they don't really need any burning in?
In my system there was a burn in period. I heard what they did immediately, but it took about 48 hours for the music to flow naturally. They continued to improve after that very gradually.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.
I placed an order over the weekend with Atelier 13 in Nashville. Constantin told me that they reach 'maturity" in 100-150 hours.
@ozzy Yes, they turned up here in Aus exactly as estimated. Full credit to UPS.

I am a bit lost for words, these have far exceeded my expectations. From initial connection the music is fuller, bass is tighter, high frequencies are cleaner, more darkness/separation in the music. I am seriously gobsmacked at the improvement. 

When you visually look at the Firewall and hear the effect it is hard to comprehend what is going on.

They are quite expensive for me due to the Aus/US dollar exchange, but worth every cent.

I hope you get your trial set soon, I think will be shocked in a good way.
Well I just received my trial pair. I assume they have been broken in already.
First impression: Not much improvement if any compared to my Cerious Matrix cables by themselves.

I’ll give them more time and then take them to see if they can change my first impressions.

Interesting, probably like all the things I try it depends on your system and its weaknesses.

Possibly my system wasn't as good as I thought, hence the noticeable improvement.
The Cerious Matrix cables use Graphene and other mixes in the cables shielding, so perhaps that makes the cable less immune to the Lessloss effects. But you never know.  Constantine said to keep on breaking them in and see if they improve.


A question to the users:

Does its inclusion make your system more listenable or less listenable? My concern is for the less than great sounding recordings since the great sounding ones will sound good no matter.



My system is more listenable regardless of the recording.

While I can hear more of the recording it has reduced the "digital" brightness. A poor recording is still obvious but not as grating.

Everything is more musical and analogue sounding, 5 days after installing them I am still shocked at the improvement in my system.
I can now conclude what I feel the Lessloss provides in sound quality.
They do take a while to break in, I probably have put about 50 hours on them and I was told that they already had about 20 hours. They did exhibit a benefit with additional hours. Perhaps with more time, they would improve even further. I doubt it though.

From my point of view these adapters round off the highs giving the sound a more relaxed sound. Albeit at the expense of robbing the dynamics or as i would call the bite of the music. Sounds pleasant on some music but it varies.

At $1600 for a set of 4 it is too much for me for what may be perceived as an improvement on some material.

From what I can determine from the Less Loss into, these are very expensive ferrite cores which serve as a high-frequency (HF) filter. They will, as Ozzy experienced, "round off the highs" which can be beneficial in a "bright" system. I personally use inexpensive TDK ferrite cores on speaker cables for this very purpose.
It's a very interesting product, for me as I am particularly sensitive to high frequencies I really like the effect on my system. The extra detail in the music and black background offsets any negative regarding rolling off of the high frequencies.

I have to admit I would not be the best judge of whether the highs are rolled off, listen mainly to rock and jazz.

@ozzy The cables you have in your system look very interesting and advanced in terms of materials and design. Wish the Aus dollar wasn't so bad, makes everything so expensive to import.

One of the reasons I like this hobby is that the variety of equipment means we can tailor our systems to our own personal taste.

Yeah, I think the adapters would have worked better with a different set of speaker cables.
BTW, I’m also using my DIY Entreq for speakers, so that could matter too.

I think they are over priced but I guess if they really lock into your system then perhaps they are not. I am glad i had the opportunity to try them.


I received mine today and only have a few hours on them but thus far I find them to my liking and offering what mrpaul, calloway and whites have described. Looking forward to hearing what they bring as they continue to break-in .

I will also say that this is my 2nd purchase (Aqua LaVoce S3 was the first) from Atelier 13 since last October and have found Constantin a pleasure to deal with.
I have 70-75 hours on them so far and for me they are well worth the money for the added musicality they bring. YMMV

I agree, after having mine for 2 weeks I am still impressed. 

Definitely has improved my system and more importantly my enjoyment. I have noticed that I have been playing more whole albums since installing them.
Holy Megahertz!

These babes are well nigh miraculous, right out of the bag! I attached them to my Magic A3's, which do not have a reputation for lacking resolution or clarity. But with these devices attached, the proverbial window was wiped clean, soundstage expanded exponentially and piano and female vocals, which I use to audition equipment, never sounded so real.
I am generally skeptical of add-on devises like this, but had owned several LessLoss PC's and think Louis Motek is an original. Cannot speak to others' experiences, but I am mightily impressed. Best $1600 I have spent in a long undistinguished audio career.
Well I'm going to try the Lessloss firewall for loudspeakers again. But this time with my DIY speaker cables. These cables are made with 12ga .999 soft solid silver wire that is sleeved into a high quality PTFE tubing.
And I'm gonna let them play for a couple hundred hours.

I doubt it will take very long for you to hear the difference and the improvement. Good luck.
Hi @ozzy after your comment a few weeks back I listened to see if I could here this and I don’t think they are.

The increased clarity and separation in my system is quite significant, I am still totally amazed at the difference to my system.
So when I use my DIY speaker cable the Lessloss units seem to work ok. But when I use my Cerious Matrix speaker cables I do think the upper frequencies are slightly subdued.
I can tell that the midrange is more pronounced and it does make vocals much more enjoyable.

I'm gonna continue trying these out as long as I can before making a decision.

NO softening on HF on my Magico A3's. What I find most stunning about these devices is the 3D expansion of the soundstage way beyond the speakers. Where'd they go? Neal

Well  after using the LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers for about a week now I just removed them. 

And again, I think I like the sound better without them. To me, they color the sound somewhat and remove some of the dynamics or rawness that is in the recording.

I do appreciate the fact that I have been able to try these (2 times in fact) but they just don't add anything positive to my system.



As we used to say in The Bronx when I was growing up: De gustibus non est disputandum! Neal
That's great, I had to google the phrase but I totally agree.

It's good that this topic stayed civil and was just peoples opinions on using the product.
I must say Constantine was excellent to work with.
You never will know if it provides magic like some of you have experienced until you try them.


Any of you guys enjoying Lessloss C-Marc cables/cords?

Impressions? Thoughts?


Happy Listening!

I removed the Lessloss Firewall for Loudspeakers (which were terrific) based on Jeff of Silversmith's recommendation for Fidelium speaker cables. I need to experiment with putting them back on, which the notion of ever crawling around speaker cables gives me a headache, backache, brain cramp, etc. But I will try them because I cannot understand the physics effect with or without them it; only the subjective aesthetic if auditory absorption by the appendages on the sides of my cranium -- or, stated differently, they will sound to my ears better or worse.

Has anyone measured their speakers with pjnk noise before and after these were inserted to see if freq response is affected?  Any further insights?  

Hi guys, I have very expensive silver Gryphon SC in my system but paired with my Thiel CS 3.7s speakers it's a little too much on the bright side.

Would the Firewall tame the brightness in the trebel region ?

Looking for ways of not having to change SC therefore Leesloss tweaks might be an option.

I will also say that this is my 2nd purchase (Aqua LaVoce S3 was the first) from Atelier 13 since last October and have found Constantin a pleasure to deal with.

Don't want to take this OT.  I bought a demo pair of Tri-Art Open speakers from Constantin last year.  He is a pleasure to deal with.


I also just bought a pair of the LessLoss from a seller on Audiomart,  We will see how it does with my 'vintage sound' system (Line Magnetic speakers, Line Magnetic preamp, Aric Audio Super 211 Amp, Lampizator TRP)  Looking forward to getting the LessLoss.