DTS-Play-Fi how to add a custom internet stream

I've been racking my brain trying to figure this out. I found an internet radio feed that I really enjoy, used it on an Aurender for years with no issue. Trying to get it set up on Play-Fi using the Internet Radio "service" but it simply won't lock on to it. The station is Radio Groove Hungary, I've searched by location and they don't come up. Urls that work in a browser are:


If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you both very much for the replies. This is not an internet issue, when I referred to "locking on" I meant coming up on a search. 

prpixel I'm not familiar with call letters but maybe that's the missing link. The strange thing is I've been listening to this station on an Aurender which uses Shoutcast. I try to search on the Shoutcast site and nothing comes up either. In the Aurender the station is generically listed as "Radio Groove".

This is driving me nuts, I really like the station at certain times of the day. It's like RadioParadise on steroids. I've emailed them for info but got nothing back.
What the OP means by "lock on" is that when searching, it doesn't find the station.  There is no way to add a custom URL to Play-Fi app.  I tried to two step it through BubbleupPNP, but it didn't work.

If you have access to a windows PC, download and install the Play-fi App and install it.  Open www.radiogroove.hu/live.mp3 in a browser and make sure it is playing.  Open the Play-FI app on your Windows PC and make sure it's in music mode, then select the Play-Fi zone you wish to play it in.  The Windows PC becomes the Renderer and transfers the audio stream to the Play-Fi device. The only downside to this is that the Windows PC has to be on whenever you wish to listen.  I tried adding it to a preset button on one of my Play-Fi speakers, but it didn't take.
Wow...thanks for all the effort on this! I'm a Mac guy but I can scrounge up Windows mini or stick to do this. 

Also, no need to purchase the upgraded version of the Windows App if all you'll be using it for is listening to Radio Groove.

Good Luck and enjoy,